possible crohn's..need advice.

Hi, I am just curious about the disease. I have been in severe abdominal pain for 8 years now. Just last Thursday I had a colonscopy which showed an ulcerated terminal ileum. My doctor took biopsies and said he thinks it is crohn's. However, when i saw the doctor today he said the results said they can not give a definite diagnosis for it. He said he was shocked because he was there and knew what he saw. How else can they determine whether I have it or not. He gave me entocort and told me to take 3 a day. He also gave me tramadol for pain. I have been struggling for so long now and was actually hoping for a diagnosis just so I could finally get some help. Does this medicine work? How fast? Does it get rid of the ulcers? Please help!!!

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possible crohns..need advice NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for writing in.
Waiting for any diagnosis is horrible but so many people seem to be mis-diagnosed with Crohn's disease and it can seem to be a never-ending battle just to get a correct diagnosis made in the end.

There seems to be a lot of overlap when it comes to symptoms experienced with some people being very unlucky and going from one diagnosis to another.

I myself know a lot of people who have been diagnosed with IBS and ulcerative colitis when in fact it should have been Crohn's. In one respect it is easy to understand, because sometimes tests are inconclusive and certainly, the symptoms can be similar but when it affects you personally, it is frustrating.

I can only suggest that you go back to your doctor and explain that you are not satisfied with the result. No one wants to be diagnosed with Crohn's or any other disease, and it is a shame that in this day and age people often have to push to get medical help, but you are entitled to and it is only when you get the correct diagnosis, that you can start moving forward.

Just remember that you are not an isolated case, so many others before you have experienced the same lack of diagnosis. I wish you the best of luck.


by: rich

i would defintely get a 2nd opinion. my wife suffered for 15 yrs with no diagnosis. they should be able to tell with an mri or ct scan.
her symptoms got so bad she almost died,from a ruptured appendix inside a tumor, caused by the severse inflammation in her lower intestine and we had a friend who suffered with ab pain for 6 months, was diagnosed with cd and cancer, he was dead within about 8 months. this is nothing to mess with and wating only can cause more damage. please get a 2nd. i'll pray for you. don't ever let them patronize you, they will try. it doesn't hurt them, but it can kill you.

god bless

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