Possible Crohn's ??

by Kim

I am a 37 year old female, over weight, and not in the best of shape, and do not consume the best of diets. I have been under an extreme amount of stress dealing with a husband that had returned from Iraq with severe anger issues for a year. After he deployed again, I had been having upper right quadrant pain off and on for about a month, and called the military treatment facility on post for an appointment after I vomited what looked like a few coffee grounds in the shower. Couldn't be sure though as I was washing my hair at the time. Saw a PA who was training a student military PA he palpitated my abdomen then had the student do the same....I felt very out of the loop as the discussed me as if I wasn't there. They thought my liver was enlarged so sent me down for STAT ultrasound of upper right quadrant. Ultrasound was "normal" no gallstones and liver was normal size. Also had STAT labs which showed slightly elevated white blood cells. So sent me for CT scan of abdomen after again palpitating my abdomen and asking an array of questions from appendicitis to ovarian cysts. Had the CT scan and was told I had inflammation in my intestines and had Crohn's based on that alone. Had never had any bowel issues or pain anywhere other than upper right quad. Was given Prednisone and Cipro sent home and asked to come back in for more blood work in the morning before taking the prednisone. Was given a refferal to the GI doc, and told to start the prednisone. This was Dec 4th/5th 2007. I got my appt an visted the GI doc an was scheduled for colonoscopy and EGD on Dec 12th. Had EGD first and was found to have a small erossion in the antral part of my stomach which was biopsied. On colonoscopy was found to have normal entire colon, cecum, and terminl illeum (transversed 10cm) According to GI doc inflammation on CT could have been over read by radiologist...However, since the colonoscopy I have had bowel issues. Ha a return of normal bowel movements a few days after, then right before Christmas started having looser than average stools and going 3-4 times a day. Still undergoing stresses with husband in Iraq. They seemed to get back to normal while I was visiting my parents, and then upon returning home it started again. I did not want to return here, have no support system and generally unhappy here. After being home a while my bowel movements seemed to return to semi normal but my eating habits have not been normal....when I am stressed or having anxiety I can't eat and tend to vomit. (have been that way since I was a teen when I get overly stressed or anxious) For the last few days I have had more frequent smaller stools 2-5 times a day again not eating well....no abdominal pains or cramps no fever but have had some mucous in my stool when I go. Also have a feeling of fullness.....may not be an accurate description but there is a feeling there. took a hot bath last night and the feeling went away. I am in the process of moving back to FL and was told by the medical staff at the military treatment facility there was nothing else they could do for me...and to follow up in 90 days. By that time I will back in FL, and will definitely do that. However I am really worried that this could be Crohn's though the GI doc said no....he did not biopsy my intestines at all nor could he do blood work he wanted since the PA put me on prednisone. Could the prednisone have cleared the inflammation so it was not seen during the colonoscopy? I took it from the 5th to the 11th so that was 6 days. I should have never taken it..I thought twice about it since I hadn't had any bowel symptoms at all. this PA shared that his daughter had just been diagnossed with Crohn's. Anyway....could I still be messed up from the colonoscopy? I had a strange feeling during the procedure but the report showed it was uneventful, and I tolerated it well.

I am sorry this is so long...any advice or anything would be appreciated!! Thank you in advance for reading!!


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Possible Crohn's? NEW
by: Annette Young


I read your post with interest and I am very sorry to know that you have been going through such a difficult time.I hope by the time you read this, you will have had an exact diagnosis and that your problems are a little more under control. It is quite possible that you have Crohn's and unfortunately, while the symptoms can display, an accurate diagnosis is difficult to confirm.

When I read your post, I could understand the amount of stress that you were under. I have to say that stress is a very powerful trigger and could very easily be responsible for some of the pain that you were experiencing.

At one time, stress was considered a cause of Crohn's but research has now verified that this is not the case. It is certainly responsible for severe flare-ups however. I hope you are in a less stressful situation now but if not, you need to be able to offset some of the stress so that it does not impact you to the same degree.

Try relaxation and meditation techniques. These are easy to learn and to incorporate into your daily life and they can at least help you to feel more relaxed and able to cope.

There is no solution to a stressful situation more than resolving any outstanding issues but you will at least be able to approach the situation with less anxiousness and a feeling of clarity.

Wishing you all the best.


by: Anonymous

I definitely know about prednisone and if you took it before the colonoscopy, well, pred. will really take the immflamation out of wherever there is immflamation, really really quick. It is a miracle in many ways, short term, and very hard on the body with many side effects, long term. I would have your new doctor in Florida take you off the meds just long enough to eliminate it completely and then go through a battery of tests that would include checking for Chron's. Many people are mis-diagnosed with other things and go through many, many tests before they are ever given the right diagnosis. I don't want you to have Chrohn's, but the sooner you find out the better it will be to deal with it and you can keep it under control to a certain extend and live a fairly normal life. Stress is a big problem with any kind of stomach/bowel issues. Learn to handle your stress differently and please start to eat right, go on the computer and eat the things that are truly good for you and find out what things aggrivate Chron's just in case, at least until you have your final diagnosis.

Good luck to you. Keep on the Doctors and use the computer to keep imformed and bring a list of questions every time you go to the doc.

by: Anonymous

i have same symptoms. i noticed everytime im under lots of stress i have more attacts with my chrohns, i am to over weight and my diet is not very good. i ve been very gassy latley and starting to have more lowere right pain. im thinking im having a little flareup. i also go to the bathroom 4-5 times a day. your symptoms sound like chrohns, ive had a biopsy and they found major inflamation with some pin like ulcers in my small intestine. 5 yrs ago. you can also have ibs . i have mucus in my stools somtimes and also have this, but you should go to a gastoliste and have a colonosoy done with a biopsy. best of luck.

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