police force and Crohn's

by william lamb
(blackburn, lancashire)

can people with crohn's disease be in the police force?

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Can people with IBD join the (ADFA) or (ADF)
by: Mike

I am a recent graduate of high school and finding life by myself really hard, I was diagnosed with IBDU at the age of 14 and have learnt to live with it. I have always looked for some way to serve or help people and being 100% honest I find it comforting knowing what to do and who to follow etc. My cousin is in the ADF as a pilot and said he felt the same way he also recommend joining. I can easily meet the physical requirements when Im not having a flare. Just wondering

If not possible I was thinking of joining the Victorian police force but haven't researched it and haven't looked into how to get started.

Thanks Mike

Yes you can!
by: Jamie - Police Officer Uk

You can definitely be a police officer with Crohns Disease! It is not easy, but it is possible.

There is a comment above from Officer Wilson saying he wouldn't want to do the job with a bag under his vest - whilst there are probably vast differences between the UK and the US - I still think you will find it is something that is absolutely possible.

I have an ileostomy and so have a bag; and I am a police officer (UK).

It wouldn't be possible however without some decent protective equipment. I currently use the Titanium Max from Ostomy Armour (US based company) and does a brilliant job of allowing me to continue with my job!

Check out my blog here: http://www.disabledpolice.info/product-review-ostomy-armour/

Feel free to contact me at the Disabled Police Association if you want any further info.


Police Force and Crohn's
by: Annette Young

Hello William,

Great question, thank you for writing in.

I do think that most police units will take on those who have some health issues and I think it is more important that you're able to pass a medical. This means of course that it depends on how bad your Crohn's is at that point. Only you know how you feel and are aware if you could actually do the job. You also need to consider which part of the police force you are looking to apply.

I do not want to be someone who puts a damper on your enthusiasm because I think it is great that you have chosen such a fantastic career and wholeheartedly endorse your determination and motivation.

However, I also believe that you do need to think carefully about your own health and if it is viable at this moment in time for you to take on the role of an officer, bearing in mind that you may be called upon to become involved in some very active duty sessions and this could be conflicting with your health.

I am sure in this day and age and, through having made some research inquiries, that you would not be alienated by the fact that you have this condition. But those interviewing you would want to know that your Crohn's is under control certainly at the time of applying. You have to consider that during a bad bout of Crohn’s you might be feeling nauseous, have abdominal cramps or diarrhea so can you deliver to the high work standard that is required?

I would suggest you make inquiries at your local station and apply if this is what you really want to do but in the meanwhile try to get your health as stable as possible. Eat well and live a natural a lifestyle as possible, eliminating stress and anxiety, and ensure you eliminate smoking and alcohol as these can become triggers. Essentially the police force will wish you to prove to them that you are capable of doing the work and if you pass the medical then, I wish you the best of luck.

Has anyone else taken on a pressured role after being diagnosed with Crohn’s? I would love to hear your story.

Best wishes,

I have Crohn's disease
by: Officer Wilson

I work in a high crime area, call after call, shooting after shooting, fight after fight, night after night. Having crohns with my job sucks. It's a conflict with the job, and I couldn't imagine doing this job with a bag, under my vest. So to answer your question. It all depends on where your going to work, if you are a K9 handler your less likely to get physical or dirty unless u have an attack dog, the dog does most of the work. Low crime areas with a low call volume, I believe you would be find, areas like my job. Crohns just doesn't work well. The department is understanding however I've been there for years. Pro forming my duties and using my sick time due the flare ups are an issue. I watch my diet and I take my meds, that helps with the pain. Running to HQ to use the bathroom in between calls is the issue. Being sent to a shots fired call and having to shit is bad. Especially when another cop needs u. Sorry for the raw truth, but i don't no any other way, good luck

Crohns and the Police force
by: WJ

If you were looking at the military it would be difficult to be posted on operational service or not possible. Good luck. Lamb.

police force and crohn's
by: Lili(NJ)

My husband served in the Military for 12 years(now a veteran) and he has been on the police force for 14 years and is also a K-9 handler.
I am not going to lie to you,.. it was difficult for him to work while he was having a flare up, but he managed..Once the Crohn's got so bad that he had to have a bowel resection, the first question was " how is he going to work with an ostomy bag attached to his side"? At first it took some getting used to and a whole lot of accidents and changing out of uniforms and vest. It has now been a year and a half and he still has his ostomy bag and feels great, does not dread going into work at all odd hours of the night, and he performs his job well. NO one at the force even knows that he has Crohn's or even an Ostomy bag.
Good Luck to you and keep me posted...

A Better Question :)
by: Kit

The question I feel you should be asking yourself, is, do I really want Crohns?!
Crohns is just a name! It's named after the doctor that named that area of inflammation in the bowel, mouth to rectum.
Ask your doctor, if he couldn't use the word Crohns, what would he say to describe what is going on with you at the moment?
The answer? Inflammation and ulceration of the bowel perhaps.
Okay, so the next question is....what is the cause?
If the doctor just says, you have Crohns Disease, say that this is just a name for the symptoms!!!!
But what is causing the problem??!?!?!
Please wake up to this!!!!
Of course you can be in the police force, but more importantly, you need to work out what is causing your Crohns.
For me, after 40 years of suffering, 'owning' the disease, I worked it out and dropped in the middle of a bleeding attack. In SEVEN days.
Stop, just STOP and breathe.
Look back at your life and see if you can find a correlation between 'feeling' bad or angry, or going some crazy stress, or not having any control, feeling fear of this and getting angry because of it etc., etc., etc.
Just Stop. Accept. Then ACT
Learn all this, drop the 'Crohns' and join the police force as a much more happier human being :)

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