by gangadhar

I am suffering with this Crohns since 10 years.I lost my job in the year 2000 because of this and now working in an MNC.It's like acyclical occurane. I used to have good food and be active.since last 2 months it was very serious and I am unable to sit before computer.i have to go to washroom for vomitting and later go to refreshment area to have something to eat.i explained these things to my manager a year i suffer with this at least for a period of 8 months.i am really worried about my diet and body is coming forward to marry me even. I am really worried about my future.i cant take all the vegetables and fruits.almost no fruits.intestinal narrowness is paining me a lot frequently. Doctors already removed blockage twice. According to them it cant be done anymore. Please advise me.



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by: Anonymous

Well, I have heard that surgery is not a good thing anyway because the disease almost always comes back, so even if you could have surgery again, you wouldn't want to. The only thing I can say is that you definitely should be put on some medicine to get it under control. If you are on medicine, then make sure your doctor knows exactly what is going on with you and he/she should change the medication you are on to something different until you find one or a combination of a couple that work for you. Good luck.

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