perforated bowel and peritonitis

Hi there I live in London. Basicly a fews years ago was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and then diverticular disease. Take asacol on predisnone from time to time and antbiotics. Well from oct 07 kept getting good days bad days. felt tired. Pains seemed worse and normally I still went to work but i was really struggling. January 08 upset stomach bad pains then had a few good days until one morning in Jan couldn;t pass a stool or gas. went to hospital i was vomiting doc ssaid i was constipted I could stay in hospital if i wanted. He said eat alot of fibre I went home in bad pain. I never slept for two nights the pain was bad. My husband got me back to hospital by now I was really ill different doc found i had a perforated bowel and peritonitis. They thought they were going to operate but a surgeon put me on intravenous fluids a gi tube abd antibiotics 2 lots and pain killers. I was in two weeks and told i may need surgery later. I am in alot of pain on and off. The doc said it is bad scarring and it will take upto 6 months to calm. He now believes I have crohns and i am having more tests soon. I cant go back to work yet because of the pain. I am very down at the moment and get bad bloated stomach. Has this ever happened to any one. Just need advice I have stopped dairy products have to be careful of fibre but i am supposed to have fibre for the diverticular. Thanks Linda

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by: Marcia Jackson

Hi my names Marcia im 23 and my mother has recently been diagnosed with a perferated bowel, she is 64 has been on medication for many years due to rheumitism and other problems, the same as you she has her good days and her bad days but it is awful to see the pain she is in.. i was wondering if anybody knows of any home remedies or things she could do/eat/take to relieve her pain??? someone help me please??

I am sorry
by: Anonymous

Wow I am sorry you are having such pain. I have Crohns and as far as dairy and fiber I have to really limit my intake. I believe that is usual with most Crohn's patients. As far as the other illness you mentioned I am not familiar with it but I would recommend to talk with your GI and GP about the fact you are struggeling with both. One thing that really helped me after I was diagnosed with Crohns was speaking with a nutritionist. She was familiar with my disease and really steared me in the right direction as far as my diet goes. It is difficult though because every Crohns patient is different in as much as what their bodies can deal with so it really is a trial and error mission. Maybe if you kept a food diary and wrote down what you ate and how you felt after it. This really helped for me.

by: Anonymous

My stomach stays bloated I have had Crohn's for 26 yrs. My pylorec area of my stomach gets blocked from time to time and my gastro goes in and dilitates it to open it back up which helps. Yes I have pains, but most of my pain is the rectum area when I have movements. I had small bowel resection surgery in Jan 08 and now don't have firm stools ever. I don't do fiber and diary products do aggrevate my problem but I have to have them sometimes- I love cereal. I hope you start feeling better soon. I too am on Asacol and other drugs as well.

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