"Our Chron's World - We are not alone- We walk in the same shoes"

by Wendy
(Mississauga, ON)

Just read some of your postings. Somedays it is very hard to see the small light at the end of the tunnel. Right now I feel like crap and decided to vist the sight again. It truly helps to learn that their are other people out there that can "REALLY" understand how we feel. I beleive that unless you walk with Chron's how can anybody really understand. To hide behind the mask of saying I feel fine... in actual fact I don't. Before I found this site I did feel very much alone and nobody understood what I really was feeling / going through. The constant of not knowing what tomorrow was going hold for me.

I do have a very good support group of friends and family. However I don't like to share with them the everyday stuff of how I am feeling. They just don't get it... they can try very hard.... but they are not walking in my shoes.

The pain, nausa. joint pains, constant trips to the washroom, tired all the time and depression.
Enjoy the good days.... that are "so" very few. I like to visit this site so I can relate with others living with Chron's to remind me their are others out in our Chron's world that have been through many of the same things that I feel/ experienced.

My heart goes out to all of you.... I do understand how you feel.... Our stories may be different or maybe the same ...Although we feel very alone at times..... this site has opened my eyes... I am not alone living with Chron's ..... "Thank you for sharing your stories" Please continue to share your stories they are very much appreciated .."Thank You"... : )

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Our Crohn's World NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thanks for writing in. It's always good to hear from people who have experienced the highs and lows of this disease. Being able to talk to others who have experienced the same or at least, similar can lessen any feelings of isolation that occur.

Staying positive is one of the hardest things to do especially when it is so painful but I have discovered that accepting the disease in the first place and learning to live with it and to go with the flow, works the best.

There are numerous triggers out there and if you can identify the ones that relate to you, you may be able to lessen the bouts of pain.

My mother had the most dreadful time with her Crohn's disease and we found that her trigger was indeed stress related. She had many stressors in her life - finances, relationships and a wide variety of health problems so as you can imagine, she had a lot of flare-ups. I come from a natural health background -generally inspired by the frustrations of the NHS in the UK. I used relaxation and meditation techniques to help ease her anxieties and it really worked.

I would never suggest anyone come off of their prescribed medications even though I know some of the medicines can cause nasty side-effects, Crohn's is too aggressive and dangerous for that. I do support taking a natural health approach to coping with the disease. Try yoga, walking, meditation, relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy, or by seeking help from a nutritionist to double-check your nutritional needs. Massage is another feel-good resource and can make you feel incredibly relaxed, all of which can help your Crohn's. Alternative treatments needn't work against prescribed medications rather they can support the work that they do.

I wish you all much luck with the Crohn's going forward.


Hi Ya Marty
by: Angel

Hi I not been on this site for nearly a year. Here I am again. Obstructions and on a liquid diet. I have two small girls and have yet again had to stop my very part time work. Have just come out of hospital and am going back in again at end of April. I have just read my last post and I stand by it guys. DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep battling. You are special and wonderful and unique. You are here for a reason. Believe it will get better and it will. Keep positive and know you are not alone.

Love and angels to you all :)

Just Thankyou
by: Marty


I am a very new CD sufferer. I am 33 and it has come on over the last year leading to huge absesses, loads of surgery, and now constant pain.

I have a great job, but alas, have had to take the last three months off work. They have been great, but we all know it cant go on.

It is a feeling of sadness, and beeing alone, despite having a wonderful caring wife and family.
I cant play with my 3 yr old the way i used to, i know that will change in time, but it makes her and i very sad.

There is so much more to say, but i am missing the point why i replied to this post.

Thank you, there are others out there who also feel the same way. In a strange way, after reading all of the above, i do feel hopeful if that makes sense.


Its a beautiful world - despite and because of the Crohns.
by: Angel

Somedays those shoes are so, so heavy. You are not alone and are so right about all the others in our lives trying hard to understand but not being able to "get it". I have been on a long hard road with CD for the last 20 years or so but only have a recent diagnosis. I have had hopes and dreams dashed by my illness and have lost job after job as I am too sick, too often. i have days where it all seems totally pointless and endless and that tunnel has no end at all. Crohns puts up fences around us, limits us, makes things uncertain but I have decided it cannot change who I fundamentally am. On that long hard road I mentioned I have also found the most wonderful man (my husband of 16 years) I have given birth to two beautiful healthy children. I have travelled extensively and I have never ever given up on hope that tomorrow my health may well be a bit better. Sometimes it even is. I see things that are wonderful in this world and I take nothing for granted. Tomorrow is scary but boy do I want to wake up and smell the coffee!! Take heart and hope. You are wonderful and are here for a reason!!!
HUGS :) :)

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