Ostomey Bags ..... To Donate to Anyone In Need, Please Contact Me

Hope all are having a good 2012 so far. I am just posting again, as a reminder, if anyone knows of any Ostomy patients, that may be struggling with the costs/purchasing their Ostomey bags, I would love to help them out. I have been living with my Crohns for 27 years now and have been ''bagged'' for 25 of those years; am doing well and hope to continue to do so. I realize the cost of the bags can be overwhelming if you don't have health insurance. I use the Convetec 1-Piece Drainable (cut to fit) pouches and have some extra that I would be happy to share with anyone in need. No strings or bags attached (ha)!! :) Keep this in mind for any individuals or even any support or non-profit groups that could use some.

Crohns can be such a dibilitating disease; add to that the worry of cost and purchasing the very product you need, and well it's just not right.

Anyway, I will be checking in from time to time or I can be reached at theresamcdermott @ hotmail.com.

Wishing Good Health to All,


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