Obese and living with Crohn's

I have had Crohns for at least 15 years.
I am weak sauce when it comes to diet.
I could use to lose 100 pounds.
I am tired, on Humira - half my colon and still
a cow! I don't feel I eat any differently than my daughter who has no weight problem.....HELP...What
do you suggest besides not eating? Is there something I am missing????

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weight gain
by: Amanda

My husband has been diagnosed for alomost three years, but he's done nothing but gain weight. He's only been on prednisone once so I know it's not that. I'm starting to wonder if he really has crohn's or is it something else? Or is it something in addition to the crohn's?

Obese and living with crohn;s
by: Butterflybugs

If you find out what will help I need to know because I have the very same problem. My doctor keeps fussing with me about having extra weight. So if any one gives you an answer please pass it own to me please.

Obese and living with Crohn's
by: Anonymous

I just started Humira last week? Do you think that is the cause of your weight gain?


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