Now suffering from short -bowel

by Jamie

I'm 35yrs old and had two bowel resections in '97 and '98. I've never been a text book case and it took an emergency operation for the doctor's to diagnose me. I've been in remission for the past 2 years, but I've never been well. I have the symptoms of Crohns. Blockage and then dumping 18 times in two days, every 6 days etc and the rest that goes with it. This has been on-going since the spring. I've dropped to 100lbs. My doctor says my intestinal lining is destroyed and I have short-bowels now. I'm not absorbing anything. My B-12 seemed fine. She told me to try psyllyum fibre. It killed me immediately. I'm not on any meds and yes I've got some scar tissue, which is in the way, but not bad she says. I'm dying here. Anyone experience this or have any advice, Please. Signed Desperate. Thank you...

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short bowel
by: Anonymous

since oct i have been trying to adjust to this disease and it is tough.eating the right stuff is so immpotant.they have me on codine 4x a day and i seem to being doing better.hang in there ,we will help if you ask ,jim

short bowel
by: jim

i now have short bowel and trying to adjust to the diet,not doing the greatest yet.

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