not sure what i should do

by ni

Hi im a 33 year old male ive just had an operation to drain a perianal abscess and during this time ive deveoloped skin tags and also ive had pus leaking from my anus. it has been suggested that i may have either crohns disease or a sexually transmitted infection im alittle confused why the 5 consultants and the 20 nurses ive seen havnt yet suggested the STI yet today when i saw another doctor he suggested i get screened, ive always had a dark greenish discharge from my anus ive had an undetctable bleeding from my anus and when i was younger i was taken into hospital with a suspected pendicitits and monthly bouts of stomach really confused and the doctor hasnt helped since ive had the procudure to drain the absces ive had complications and pain and i want the bad news to stop and be fixed. oh and i have about 4 bowel movements daily a nurse said that thats a sign of crohns is this true please help

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