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Back Issues Include:

First Issue:
1) A strategy to deal with skeptical relatives and friends 2) Why it is so important for a person with Crohn's Disease to look at his or her priorities. Included is an article from the Mayo Clinic. And more...

Second Issue: 1. Famous people with Crohn’s Disease and one lesson we can learn from them. 2. Interview - Randal (Randy) Meyers - Randynoguts of forum fame. 3. The importance of humor in our lives.

Third Issue: 1. A Powerful Medical Tool is Making a Difference in the Lives of Patients With Crohn's Disease. 2. Interview with Kimi (rebelsgirl) - owner of Crohn’s Sanity Forum. 3. The importance of humor in our lives. You'll love this.

Fourth Issue: 1. A free service to help you reduce your stress. 2. Can the drug Humira help you with Crohn's Disease? Includes an interview with someone taking it. 3. The importance of humor in our lives. Still more.

Fifth Issue: 1. Is there something you can do to help your digestive tract deal with Crohn‘s Disease? Yes. And learning about the “Gut-Brain Connection” points you in the direction to do exactly that. 2. Here’s how a simple 200 year old technique can help you reduce the stress in your life. 3. The importance of humor in our lives.

Sixth Issue: Tiffany's story. (betagirl at's Forum). An interview with a woman who has Crohn's Disease and yet cycles long distances. An inspiring story of hope for all of us with the disease.

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