New School for child with Crohn's causing stress

by Rob
(Owings Mills, MD, USA)

My 8 year old started a new school this fall and has started to have her CD flare up recently. I believe that the stress of having to get used of a new school, new friends, and new curriculum. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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New School - causing stress
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thank you for your post. I believe you are absolutely right in that starting a new school may have aggravated your daughter's Crohn's disease. Crohn's disease affects all ages and I am hearing more and more how many young children suffer too. It's very hard for them to cope with the pain and to understand what is going wrong.

Stress is a huge contributor to feeling unwell generally and stress is known for making it harder for someone to cope with situations with some clarity and calmness as well as to avoid it affecting on a physical level too.

Inflammation in the gut may affect her ability to digest food properly, to absorb sufficient nutrients or to eliminate waste properly. This is something that needs to be kept an eye on. The last thing you want is for her condition to worsen.

I would go to the school and to discuss the situation with her teachers. They will need to know to release her if she needs the bathroom for extended periods of time or if she has abdominal pains. Making sure everyone knows in authority will help smooth the way if she feels less well in school.

You can teach your child how to relax and to cope more readily with problems and anxieties. You could take a look at this site as this may help:

Here is the direct link to a guided relaxation session for children.

Do tell your daughter that it is normal to feel anxious about new situations but it is how she copes with it that will make the difference as to managing a Crohn's flare-up or not.

I hope this helps?


9 year old gifted
by: Anonymous

My nine year old son has been identified as gifted. He also has crohn's disease. He has been offered the opportunity to attend a self contained gifted class in a different school. It is a great opportunity. He thinks the program is great and looks like a lot of fun, but refuses to go because he doesn't want to leave his friends. Will the stress of making him go have an adverse effect on his crohns? The program starts in September. He is due for his first surgery in June. He is currently on Remicade.
I think for his schooling this is a great opportunity for him and this decision is never easy for a 9 year old - they never want to leave their friends. What does anyone think?

by: Anonymous

I Understand
by: Anonymous

Ugh I feel for her. I went through the exact same thing when I started a new school in a big town in my Jr. High years. Stress is a killer for crohns. The quicker she makes new friends, the better, which is hard to do when your sick all the time. My suggestion is,do anything to keep her happy. The happier she stays the quicker the recovery. I wish her the best of luck and am sure that things will get better for her.

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