new item helps crohns!!!

by trish
(alamo nm)

my dietian recently told me about a nutritional shake by nestle called modulen ibd. it's meant for crohns patients. it is supposed to provide the right healthy calories for those low in wieght and have all the right vitamins and such that we tend to lack plus i think it has probiotics which i've been told repetedly to take daily but it mentions how it has something in it to actually help heal the damaged intestine. i've had no luck finding it in regular stores so i'm about to search online. if anyone has tried it let me know.

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by: Kim

I have not heard of Modulen but my husband who has been DX with Crohn's for about 10 years, recently saw his gut guy and he suggested a drink called Elecare. Said that he had some young patients who touted it as miraculous. We shall see...

Anyway, I have not looked locally but I did find it on the internet - $189.00 for a case of 6 cans - looked like cans of powdered baby formula that you would mix with water. I am going to try to purchase it just one can at a time. If he likes it and it helps him - I will buy a case. Hell, I will buy a hundred cases!

Has anyone else tried this?

modulen is great !
by: Sophie

i had been diagnosed with crohn's when i was 12 and i have been on it 2 seperate periods, it has rested my bowel and stopped me from having diarroah and most importantly stopped me from my severe pains in my colon, it also made me put on weight which is really important and is an advantage for people who have got crohn's disease.

by: Anonymous

The mix does not have probiotics in it and it has both sucrose and "glucose syrup" in it. Both are questionable for Crohns since they may not be adequately digested and pass into the colon where they will feed colon bacteria. It looks like an enteral nutrition diet formula. That is designed to allow an intense flare to rest by reducing the residue reaching the colon. This has been successful in treating seriously ill people, but it is only designed for a short period of use. Relapse is common after a period of time, but I suppose you could repeat the process. I had hoped that it was based on recent research showing the benefits of a zero lactose whey in providing support for beneficial gut bacteria which will displace a very prevalent gut bacteria which is associated with diarrhea, abscesses, fistulas and has a high drug resistance and immune system modulators that preserve it despite the best efforts other than probiotic intervention.

modulen discontinued
by: trish

as far as i know it seems modulen ibd is discontinued according to nestle eithere that or they are getting there products confused either way it looked expensive and more meant for a food replacement for up to 8 weeks for really severe cases so i don't think it would help me to spend that much on a drink to gain some wieght.

by: Anonymous

This is interesting. I have never heard of the drink either and will try to find more info on. I am definitely not underweight at this time but I was in my younger years from Crohn's when inflamation came could lose real fast. It used to be hard staying at 100lbs. Not a problem now. But my Gastro did give me FloraQ- a probiotic-dietary supplement, which I haven't tried. I get so tired of taking stuff. But let me know if it seems to help would like to know.

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