needing your help

by jim
(toledo ohio usa)

just woke up and had my morning to get through this day i need your see i have had crohns for 40 years and have accepted it because i could fight against it and recover and life would go back to normal.well with this short bowel,this may be as good as it i have to watch what i eat if is good for health is tied to so many things now.if i am not careful i could lose this fight,so with your help and God i am going to try the best i can.56years old is to young to lose, jim

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Needing help NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello Jim,

Thank you for writing in. I know just how frustrating this disease can be and it is so important to have a strong support system around you. Many people, like you, use this forum for additional support for when times are really hard and I hope it does comfort to you in some way to know that others are listening and also want to share your story.

Through this site, and in my own personal life, I have met many people who have suffered with varying degrees of the disease and can say that in my experience, one of the worst aspects of the disease can be the feelings of isolation that arise.

Sometimes it is self-inflicted i.e. you don't wish to talk to people outside of your immediate family when you are in so much pain. But it's more than that, the very nature of the disease brings a sense of isolation through erratic bouts of pain, depression and loss of routine. I know that things that are usually taken for granted can no longer be relied upon when you have Crohn's disease.

I know also that some days are better than others and that the only way forward is to look to those brighter points and to stay positive and manage the pain as best as possible.There are so many potential triggers out there that can certainly make the disease worse, stress and anxiety, dairy products, spicy foods, smoking, alcohol or simply eating foods that are hard to digest.

The disease affects people very differently too so it is a case of coping on an individual manner as best as you can. I come from a natural health background and although you should always take medicine and seek medical advice if things worsen, I am a firm believer that by utilising basic relaxation techniques and meditation, this can make a huge difference to the stress within the body and to help calm the mind. This is just a suggestion of course. But anything is worth a try.

I hope that the symptoms and discomfort easy for you soon. Do keep in touch.

Best wishes,

by: jim

it is nice to know that there are people out there to listen

Stay Strong : )
by: Anonymous

Be strong, don't let Chrohns get the best of you. I hope you have a good support system. People around you who understand and not judge you.This site I find has been most helpful and finally after ten years I have learned to live with this diesease and it isn't going any where. You are not alone this site has grown since I first signed up. The stories we all share has helped my fight to stay strong and get out of the funk. Read the many stories that everyone has shared and comment / vent you can't hold it in ..... Just remember ..... "You are not alone" .. This site is a good support group for me... Your in my thoughts and prayers ....
Take Care W
: )

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