Need Your Help!!!!

by JoAnne Myers
(Lake Charles, LA,USA)



I have had Crohn's for 4 years. I found out that I had it by going to the hospital thinking I had a virus, 10 hours later I was in surgery and was told I wouldn't have lived two more days. The doctor tells me I am wired wrong. Because I have some many thing wrong with me and I am overweight and they make me feel like I really don't have Crohn's disease, but I know I went though a very hard surgery and stayed in the hospital for a long time to be told I don't have Crohn's. I have a lot of things wrong with me I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, costochordritritis,and hypoglycenic. I watch what I eat because I will get sick if I don't. Can someone have Crohn's and be overweight? I just need answers? I took blood work and had to pay $400.00 for a test to see if I had crohn's and it said yes, so why would a doctor treat me like this and can I be overweight and is there a way to lose the weight?
Need your Help

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Sounds kinda like me
by: Keith

For years i had been very skiny because of the crohn's but now im overweight by about 30-50 pounds. I all ways feel tired and sometimes i just hurt all over i was even diagnosed with hypoglycemia back som years ago and had to test by blood sugar regularly and carry around gluclose tabs. The main problem is the fatigue and depression. you lose oyour interests in everything you used to do and you cant stick to any kind of exercise progrms.also i thought those tests where BS at first they said i couldn't have crohn's but that i had ulcerative proctitis, then it changed to ulcerative colitis then crohn's. Don't trust the genic tests the only way to tell is by going in to look. as far as losing weight I'm not sure, recently i've lost a great deal of my apatite and my weight has come down some but i still can't stick to any regimine.

by: Anonymous

I do not know if they will help you but I have had a stomach problem that has taken me 2 years to inch along to feeling better.

Started with a bare bones diet of only what I could tolerate well of 2 or 3 items and then would start with a bite of something new and if it didn't make my stomach hurt would go for 2 bites next day and so on. If it hurt would stop it as there are so many foods to choose from and then a few months later when I would feel a bit better try it again.

Nothing much happened until I tried Enzymedica enzymes especially the pro-bio which is the acidolpholus group and acid-soothe with a lacto capsule with it. I would start with dividing the capsule into 4 parts with empty capsules. Taking one a day until I had used them up. Then dividing the next capsule into 3 parts,etc and then half and then the entire capsule. Testing only one kind of thing at a time. You can call Enzymedica if things aren't going well and they will tell you what you might try (only with their own products) and how much.

I am not 100% well but thinking about my stomach has dropped to a small part of my thinking.

Hope some of this will help.

My thoughts
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have had crohns for about 8 years. My case is fairly mild compared to some stories I've heard, however I have been overweight for most of the time (according to the BMI). After years of trying different medications I am now on Remicade and it seems to work great with little to no side effects that I can notice anyway. Long story short it is possible to be overweight and have crohns, it's also possible to lose a bunch of weight very fast (which happened to me a few years ago) but this is not healthy either. only recently have I decided that there's no reason why I should be overweight. I started to eat more reasonably and I go for walks whenever I can (exercise is very important, even light walking if that's all you can do). I have lost at least 30 pounds in the last year and I can attribute most of my weight loss to not eating anything after dinner (6 or 7 pm) except maybe some herbal tea and/or water, also drinking lots of water, making sure you eat a good breakfast with protein (eggs, not sausage or bacon), never, ever eat fast food, make most or all of your meals yourself and just use common sense about what is going to benefit you nutritionally rather than just momentary happiness. I suggest getting a good nutrition book that isn't trying to sell a fad diet. There are also books about eating for Crohns and I know that people with crohns have different reactions to different foods so you'll just have to keep track of what makes you sick. I hope I have helped, even if it was just a little.

by: Anonymous

Yes you can be overwieght and have crohns, before I was diagnosed I lost 2 stone because I was so ill but since being on medication I have put back all the weight lost and more.
I look pregnant most of the time.

by: Anonymous

yes im over weight also have chrohns. it took me to have a full hysterectmy at 29 to rightfuly diagnoised, if drs would of diagnoised me right i wouldnt of had this. also have lots of health problems like you. you just need to search a good dr that will listen to you. i have one wich is the best ive ever had. just becouse your over weight that does not give a dr a right to treat you like theres nothing wrong.

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