nausea and crohns

by alex

I have been experiencing mainly mild abdominal pain off and on almost everyday for a couple weeks and have had this problem a few other times in the past then it would go away. I do not vomit, don't really get nausea although I have with it before, right now I have green stool. I am able to eat just fine and my god weight is the same. One night it got really sharp and on that day I did get nauseas. Any idea on what this is or could be?

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nausea and crohns NEW
by: Katyciara

I get nausea when i eat for over every week currently, have a ache in my abdomen, keep projection nice Can Someone Do My Essay , dyspepsia and feel full all the time.

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Abdominal pain and nausea NEW
by: Annette


I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing abdominal pain so frequently and nausea too. I would strongly recommend that you go and seek medical guidance as the doctors would need to run some tests on you to be able to confirm just what is happening. It may well be crohn's disease but you would need to have confirmation of this once a full diagnosis has been made.

Common symptoms of crohn's are:

Abdominal Cramps

Other crohn's disease symptoms can include:

Inflammation and irritation of the eyes
Joint pain
High temperatures
Green stools

If it is crohn's disease it is important to realise that it is not just going to go away although there can be times when it certainly feels as if the disease has gone into remission. It's important though to keep taking any prescribed medication because otherwise flare-ups are more than possible and in fact, quite likely.

When you have problems with your digestive system, it can certainly impact your life on quite a large scale. If you have crohn's disease, we know that something occurs within your immune system that makes your body attack bacteria within including the friendly bacteria which your body needs so this is the problem in combating the disease. Your GP will carry out a series of tests and will discuss diet, whether you have a history of crohn's within the family, and if you have travelled abroad for example.

Going for any sorts of tests can be quite worrying so the doctor is also like to take your blood pressure, check your pulse, your temperature and of course, have an examination of your abdominal area. If you can make notes as to how and when the symptoms occur, this can be really useful.

It is likely that you will have to have blood tests because then the doctor can check whether any infection is present, or if you have any inflammation in your body. You may also be anaemic. Stress can actually aggravate the condition so it is far better to know what you are dealing with rather than to sit back and worry about it.

I hope this information provides a good starting point for you.
Best wishes,
Annette Young

stomach pain NEW
by: Anonymous

I experienced my stomach hurting off and on for 6 months. That's what finally made me go to the Dr. They ordered a colonoscopy and found I had crohn's in the illeum. There was 2 ulcers and inflammation on the pictures. I have been drinking 'Fruit of the Earth" brand organic aloe vera juice everyday and I am doing great now. Rarely any pain and never any diarrehea anymore. It's been 4 months. Walmart has it in the pharmacy section in giant jugs. Don't get the small ones, they are whole leaf and you don't want that! Just the inner gel of the plant. Try it. It's good for the whole digestive system. Go to www. aloe vera nd read about all the benefits of it. Hope you get well soon. Mix it with a juice you love and add a little stevia sweetener so you don't hate the taste.

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