Natural cures or help for crohns disease

by Andrew

I am pretty certain this would have been asked before but is there any natural products that can be taken that have been proved to help with this illness?

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Thank goodness I don't follow the pack! :)
by: Kit Campbell

Sadly, there are some who choose to remain victims of an identity, a Crohn's disease sufferer or similar. That's just the way it is - for some.

We DO NOT have to accept a diagnosis. We have a responsibility to ourselves to ask more questions, especially when understanding the word EPIGENETICS. Educate yourself.

This is nothing about finding a cure. That's what pharmaceutical companies go on about, so they can continue funding their research and lifestyles. There is no need to 'find a cure', as there is no incurable disease here. And with regards to me saying that there's a 'cure'? I never have :) There's nothing to cure! Title of this thread was created by someone named Dannielle, not me :)

Symptoms are a result of a cause. Simple as that. If you can understand this, then maybe this will give you the incentive to look a little deeper, find out what the causes are for your symptoms and just call them that, instead of giving them a name and then owning that name.

With all the people that understand this, the ability to change the way a cell is affected, they are free from those who choose to believe the medical hype.

I'm so glad I didn't. I'm so glad I changed the way I used my mind, as now I'm able to share with others and the results are amazing.

Annette, if you haven't read my book, I suggest that you do :) Purely and simply because if I can have the understanding that I do and the results I get, then it's possible for you too :) And to now have a medical professional who has read my work and supports me, Dr Raj Eri, a IBD & mucosal specialist and lecturer, well, I think I'm on the right track here!

You are so right. People should definitely do what works for them.

If nothing changes for you in your understanding, so not a problem. As you think, so you shall be, so enjoy what you create :) Make it good :)

Check out my latest posting on my website, regarding 'Are pills making you sick?' That will probably give you something to respond to too! :)

Natural Cures or Help for Crohn's Disease
by: Annette Young

Response to Kit.

I am glad that you have improved your own situation and of course everyone has to deal with their health conditions in a way that suits them. If that works for you then that is fantastic, but your approach might not work for all sadly. We all have to accept a diagnosis if and when it happens and to do everything to counteract the symptoms, finding out any potential causes/triggers and eliminating them. If someone has Crohn's disease and smokes, then they are going to be making it worse so by avoiding cigarettes, it will improve.

If the individual is enduring a stressful situation and they continue in the same situation, we all know that stress is a huge trigger for this condition and so, they may experience aggressive flare-ups as a result.

I advocate a gentle approach calming the mind and body and working with it. Resting if necessary, living life to the full when feeling better.

I believe that people should do what works for them. But I don't believe that saying it can be cured without their being a cure is a good thing.Having said that, I do believe there may be a cure out there, there probably is for all conditions if we did but know it.

If there is one, then absolutely sing it from the roof tops because it will be such a relief for so many people. In the meanwhile, people have to live with chronic and aggressive symptoms so have to make make the best of it, search out solutions where possible, medicine, natural remedies and by talking to others.

But for me, not accepting it will not make it go away. I have witnessed others getting extremely frustrated with the condition and feeling incredibly depressed when they cannot improve it. They get emotional, angry, resentful because they try so many different things which do not work. It, in my opinion, is better to accept it, because if you accept that you have a problem, and face up to it, you gain more control over your life. I would love there to be a cure absolute, but I am not aware of one.

Taking a holistic approach is absolutely great but face the condition head on with commonsense and with a view of finding the best treatment on an individual basis. What suits one will not suit all.

We all have our own views and I hope that anyone with Crohn's can find their own personal solution and they should responsibly try out different remedies if they can and certainly look at lifestyle choices and food as a starting point.

Best wishes,


Natural cures or help for crohns disease NEW by: Annette Young
by: Kit

To Andrew, again :)
Sorry Annette, I'm sure you have your understanding, however, in my understanding the worst thing one can do IS ACCEPT THAT YOU HAVE CROHN'S DISEASE!
If that's what you believe, then allow that to be your truth.
This is not what I believe and I no longer 'have' Crohn's disease, nor will I ever again.
Have a read of my book Annette, or check out my website and youtube videos.
If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with me.
What would you have to lose? :)

Natural cures or help for crohns disease
by: Annette Young

Hi there Andrew,

It's important to realise that Crohn's disease has no known cure currently but the best way of dealing with the disease is to accept that you have it and to look at ways that can alleviate the symptoms, helping you to live a more normal and productive life.

I am a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to the disease and to try to eradicate stress as much as possible as well as to adopt new coping mechanisms and this can include taking a strict look at your diet - establishing potential triggers whilst being open minded enough to try more natural solutions.

You can look at mind-body medicine which takes a look at the connection between the mind and body by way of spiritual, emotional and behavioural factors. Examples of this includes, yoga, meditation, hypnosis and tai chi.

Some people find that body-based practices are useful and these can include energy medicine, massage, reflexology, alexander technique or osteopathic manipulation.

You should take a look at your vitamins though and to ensure that you are eating a well-balanced diet - which you may not be if you are experiencing pain. In particular be aware that vitamin D deficiency is quite common for those with Crohn's disease. If you are deficient of vitamin D then it can also lead to a calcium deficiency.

Vitamin B-12 is another vitamin that may be deficient as is Iron deficiency. If there is blood loss following any inflammation or ulceration, anemia is likely.

Some people find that taking extra probiotics is useful as this provides a top-up to the friendly bacteria that resides in the intestine. Side effects can include bloating and gas so be warned.

Fish oils which includes mackerel, herring, sardines and salmon should be eaten if possible as they have a natural anti-inflammatory benefit. Aloe Vera is another recommended product with many dedicated Crohn's sufferer fans but be aware that it can have a laxative effect.

I would suggest that you determine any potential triggers first of all, cut out any alcohol or cigarettes as these are proven triggers and to then adopt an easy to digest diet so that it takes the pressure off of your digestive tract.

Once you have taken care of the basics, you can then look at the additional remedies to find those that suit you.

Best of luck,


Going Natural for Crohns
by: Kit Campbell

Hi Andrew from France, et bonjour :)
Absolutely. Cells change according to their environment. What you eat, drink, inhale, inject - i.e. whatever comes in to your body affects your cells. Make sure you eat and drink as 'cleanly' as possible.
With regards to a 'flare up', be gentle with your gut and drink lots of water and try juicing vegetables and fruit and see how your body responds. Google turmeric and make turmeric tea. This is an amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer herb. Take this regularly and you can even add it to your shakes and juices.
Keep away from sugar. You might as well be consuming battery acid!
Cut down or cut out meat. It's harder to digest and your bowel needs a rest if it is in a flare up.
For vitamins to support your immune system and to look after the flora in your presently compromised gut, try fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin D, Spirulina (ABSOLUTELY! - Hawaiian products only) and green superfoods.
Then look at the main environment affecting your gut! YOUR MIND!!
I had Crohn's for 40 years and I don't have it any more. I share more info on my youtube channel, just search theirritablebrain
All the best for your journey.

Herbs and natural approach
by: Dannielle

Hi. I am in the process of about eight years of going herbal. But, I'm also taking crohns medications that is chemical with some b12 shots, vitamins , and etc.
I'm trying to balance out, and eventually get off chemicals. :)
What I found out that helps naturally is yoga, gym, sleeping , eating for your body type, pilates, swimming, acupunture, chiroprator, a friend to speak with, and herbal oils. I always have more to learn, and need more education on health. So I go to seminars at hospitals, libraries, and other facilities.
Wish you well

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