by barry
(cherry hill nj)

has anyone had success with NAET and crohns?

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Crohns disease and NAET
by: Casey

NAET (go to is a non invasive allergy elimination technique which permanently eliminates allergies to a wide variety of things (anything and everything the person is allergic to). It is believed that crohns disease is caused (western medicine will disagree but they are not holistic or comprehensive practitioners, they view the small intestine in isolation from other organs in the body), by chronic inflammatory processes which prevent the small intestine from absorbing nutrition, cause bleeing, and essentially tears up the stomach/intestinal area. NAET combines pressure points/acupuncture, kinesiology, science, medicine, and nutrition and eliminates these inflammatory triggers. Before NAET I could not even digest water, fruit, lost tons of weight, and was incredibly anemic. In four months of treatment, I have gained my weight back, am increasing my dietary variety and intake, and my blood work is showing my hematocrit/ferritin/iron/b-12 levels with marked HUGE improvement. Please do not close off your mind to this option, or else you will be one of many who have surgery, take prednisone, and feel hopeless. Go to to find practitioners in your area. Email me as you like. Take care

Crohns and NAET treatment
by: Casey

I wrote a post on August regarding my successes with NAET for my crohns disease. If anyone wants to contact me they may email me at I will be happy to share my experiences. It can feel like an abyss or sitting in a sea of molasses without support.

Please send me the details who do I approach to get the naet treatment
by: Anonymous

I have crohn's for last 10 years. I would like to try the naet treatment. Please send me the details where do I go and get the information or treatment about the naet.

Thank u

by: Richard

My daughter was recently diagnosed with Crohns disease and I am unfamiliar with NAET . Can someone let me know what that is?
Thank You.

Nature Route
by: Anonymous

My son is 11 and was diagonsed with crohns in Feb08 we were so scared and still are but we have been going with the nature route and we have had some great success. He is currently not on any meds. We went thru naet treaments and we are now doing computerized bioenergetic testing and has been thru 2 session and my son seems to be doing okay he says he feel the best he has felt. We are always trying the desgitnol which has been working as well. Good luck it is such a stressful time in our lives.

i like to know your email address, please
by: lucy

can i communicate with you, since my son has Crohns himself, and recently nothing helps him

NAET and crohns
by: Casey

I have had crohns disease for most of my life. Nothing has worked for me. The basis of the disease is being continuously inflamed by things I am eating/consuming. NAET is the ONLY thing that has worked and I am in treatment now. I have had over fifteen treatments and am making lots of progress. The treatments have Helped restore me from a very critical phase and while they make you feel tired during detox, this is minimal and well worth the rewards. I URGE anyone with crohns disease to do NAET. It is not invasive and will get to th bottom of the disease and cure the symptoms.

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