NAET helped my Crohn's

by JoAnne
(Kingsville, MD USA)

I have had Crohn's for about 2 years, though the serious battle began 9 months ago. I was in so much pain before this, bleeding, weightloss, and abdominal pains that were so strong I had resorted to using my labor breathing exercises to get through them. Also my blood pressure would go up during these spasms, I started leaving the bathroom door unlocked because I was afraid I would pass out. I was put on messalamine, which calmed it a bit, but only at times. After two courses of steroids, enemas of both hydrocortizone and messalamine, and a very strict diet, my doctor told me it was time to go on Humira. I was desperate to find an alternative. I had researched chiropractic treatments and accupuncture, but didn't get a lot of possitive feedback. While delivering packages one day, I met a man who I knew was a chiropractor, and proceeded to ask him about whether this treatment would work. He said not really, but he was also an allergist. He told me he didn't use drugs, and that the insurance companies wouldn't cover him. I saw this as a positive sign. It turns out the treatment he gave was NAET, Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. It was unlike any kind of treatment I had ever undergone before and I was a bit skeptical; however, after the first treatment I was 50% better by the weekend. After the second treatment 95% better, and with biweekly visits I am practically symptom free after only 4 visits. I never dreamed this would be possible, considering how miserable I was before. And the best part? No drugs. I was terrified of the idea of using the Humira, my sister's friend almost died after using it, it killed all of her white blood cells. I have recommended NAET to everyone I know with an autoimmune disorder/disease and to those who know people who are suffering. I thank God for letting me run into this doctor 'by chance'.

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