My Sister with crohns, needs encouragement

by Geraldine
(Sydney, NSW)


My sister has chronic crohns, has had it for 8 years. In the rectum mainly. Was travelling alright for about 18 months but then the last 6 months has gone really down hill.

She is her own worst enemy and doesn't help herself but I am now worried about her mindset. its like she has given up. The doctors want her to get a bag, she is 34, with a boyfirend and and party girl so this is far from ideal. Can anyone help her? Anyone know of success stories?

her email is rowenadoyle @

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Staying positive NEW
by: Annette

I'm so sorry that your sister is experiencing such a difficult time due to her Crohn's condition. It is a painful and very frustrating disease.

The fact that there is no cure at this time for Crohn's disease can add to the frustration and therefore it's important that she develops the right mindset to be able to manage it. Having the support of family and friends can make a big difference of course as many sufferers start to feel isolated and depressed.

The cause of this disease is unknown and this can add to the anger that is often experienced. Inflamation occurs in the small or large intestine and tissues and lymph nodes are often impacted too. Inflamed areas may block the intestines but can also cause sores or holes in the wall of the bowels. So fear can also be experienced on a physical level.

When you have an especially outgoing person such as your sister, Crohn's disease must feel like the worst punishment in the world. It can affect every day life, work-wise and socially but there are things that your sister can do to help herself:

Keep a journal to chart her own symptoms this can reveal some surprising triggers

Write down aspects of her life that she can still really enjoy, this can act as a reminder for when the disease flares-up.

She needs to keep stress to a minimum. Stress can become triggers for flare-ups.

Stop smoking and to reduce alcohol intake as this can affect any medication that she is taking.

She should eat healthily and opt for easy to digest foods.

Keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water but reduce the number of caffeinated drinks.

Rest when possible.

Some people report back that by using affirmations they are able to stay more positive. Affirmations are self-declarations of intent and can endorse feel good factors or affirm a desire for something important.


I will not let this disease get me down.
I will overcome these feelings of depression and will enjoy my life again.

Yoga and meditation can also help. Keeping her body supple whilst learning relaxation and meditation techniques will help to keep tension and stress at bay.

She may benefit from joining forums like this herself or speaking to a counselor. Your sister also needs to ensure that she rests adequately because this will help her to live a normal life at other times and it will help her body to recuperate.

I hope that your sister learns to adapt to his disease and tries to stay positive. It's not easy but it can help. She's lucky to have your support.

Does anyone else have any tips on boosting morale in connection to Crohn's?

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