My new book

by Melanie Wright
(Manchester UK)

Hi im Melanie, I've had crohns now 14 years been through it all with 100 hospital stays, 50 operations.I'm an Australian, grew up in Canberra was under Dr Paul Pavli, then moved to the UK Manchester 10 years ago. I decided to write a book to help fellow sufferers and others to understand what we all go through. What im also doing is raising money for crohns by donating a portion from the sale of each book. Please check out my website, tell me what you think -

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Book NEW
by: Annette

Hi there,

Thank you for your post. I am really pleased that you have written in and also congratulations on your book. I hope it does really well and helps a lot of people.

I think it is incredibly brave of you to share your story with others in published form but I also know that unless we break the secrecy that is so often associated with Crohn's,sadly people will not really understand the disease and so will not give relevant and much needed support as a result.

As you can see from this forum, people ask a lot of questions and they need answers. If you are providing answers and hope in your book then this will be a great resource to others.

As you know, the problem with Crohn's disease is that it affects people differently, the symptoms can be vastly different and so can the extent of the symptoms. The one constant most people have is that it makes life difficult and painful of course. Learning how to overcome the difficulties is the most important part and being able to laugh at the constant trips to the loo as a prime example. If your book enables others to share your experiences whilst informing of the many up's and down's throughout then I'm certain it will be gratefully received.

Good luck with it.

If anyone has any particular ways of coping with Crohn's disease on a daily basis, including how you can stay positive then please share them with us. Have you ever found laughter to be the best medicine or have you found relaxation techniques to be a big help for you personally? Where would you be without your support network?

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