My experience with crohn's disease

by Annabel McCoy
(Perth western Australia)

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My photos

Hi my name is Annabel and I am 20 years old and in year 2004 I was diagnosed with crohn's disease and I lost alot of weight and I was eating at all and then I had to go to hospital and I was in there for a couple of days and then went home. I was put on some medication which were some orange tablets. I was in remission for two years after that because it took me a while to get better and then in year 2007 it came back really serve and then I was hospitalized again I was in hospital for almost two weeks and then I was discharged and went home and then I had to come back into hospital again for some special medication through a drip in my hand I had three doses of the medicine. After I had my three doses of the medicine I was feeling much better. Then last year again my crohns came back servely again just before I was going over seas and then I had to have a colonoscopy and there was inflammation on my bowel and the doctors said I had serve crohns. Then I had to have three doses of the medication again then after that I was feeling muh better to go overseas. Crohn's disease is not a fun illness to have but you have just got to learn to live with the illness and enjoy life and be happy as well.

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My experience with crohn's disease NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there Annabel,

I was so sorry to read that you are having such a tough time of it. I can completely sympathise as Crohn's is such an aggressive disease and it really can cause havoc in your life.

I think you have the right attitude though. Once you accept that you have the condition, which can be difficult in the first instance, it is a case of getting on with it and learning to live with it. Severe weight loss, diarrhea, abdominal pains, nausea etc are all common and can form part of some very aggressive flare-ups. Equally, the disease can suddenly go into a remissive period which can last for years.

It is important that you eat foods that will not cause a flare up, so learning what can be aggravating to your body is essential. Eliminate spicy foods, fizzy drinks, alcohol, dairy products, cigarettes and avoid stress as much as possible too. Anxiety can trigger off a problematic attack and at one time people thought that stress was the actual cause of Crohn's but this is not the case. Getting stress to a manageable level is recommended and working with your body is a good idea as opposed to against it is also useful.

I wish you better health in the future and hope the condition settles down.

Best wishes,


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