my daughters chrones desease

my daughter is 36 chrones for ten years. its active again on steriods starting ten daily... weekly decreases now 4 daily should she take the steriods all in one go or through the day.....and now on four... toilet bad again.also know benefits or help with chrones desease her life is ruled by going to the toilet..........i feel so helpless to help her.....also has elastic band sewn into her bottom to stop fistulas forming.....i really worried this time her bowell is really bad she bleeds has mucus discharge.....waiting to see doctor at the hospital....wanted to give her the pipe up her bottom wanted to be put to sleep they sent the awake precidure has refused has so horrible opens your bowells......feels she getting know help.....been going on for months now.also should she be able to get disabilty card for car parks..............thanks a worried mum can any one give me some answers.....

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I used to suffer with Crohn's, some solutions
by: Dr. Dave LaRocco

To a worried mum,

I couldn't help but to be moved by your plea. I am 37 years old and I have changed my life and I am Crohn's disease free now for 6 years. First things first. I got nowhere with Doctors most of the time and I had to take action to heal myself. Might I recommend to you having your daughter start taking a high quality Whey protein drink. This will help the healing process. I also can tell you that a Chiropractor also helped me through this process as well. Hope this helped

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