My Crohn's sypmtoms are completely gone

by Paige Pauley
(Fort Worth Texas)

I have been pain free and symptom free for three weeks now. I don't know how long it will last but I will continue to use the products I researched and started using on my own.After 12 years of medicines ...right now I am not on any pharmatueticals aat all.
i drink one ounce Inner fillet aloe Vera juice in the morning and one ounce in the evening. I put it in Cran-raspberry juice and take a probiotic at the same time.
Within days if startign this my symptoms dissappeared.

Again i don't konw how long it will last but for now I have my life back and I will enjoy it .

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Crohn's symptoms are completely gone
by: Anonymous

Hello Paige,

Thank you for writing in. It's fantastic news that you have been pain-free and symptom-free for three weeks or so, I hope that this continues for you. I do believe it's important to take traditional medication to help control Crohn's disease because the symptoms and the side-effects of this disease can be life-threatening if not.

However I am a real advocate of more natural solutions where possible providing they are used sensibly and I know many people who have discovered aloe vera juice and found it to be of great benefit. Not everyone feels this way of course, some people find that there is little change but then Crohn's disease affects people very individual way. What affects one person will not necessary affect another.

It is interesting to see that you are taking Cranberry and raspberry juice along with a probiotic and I'd be very interested to hear back from you to see whether your success continued. Or if the Crohn's disease had merely gone into remission at that time and it was just coincidence.

The most important thing is to try and keep as stress free and anxiety free as possible, live a simplistic life, exercise a little, yoga or swimming for example, eat as natural foods as possible, reducing the amount of dairy in your diet, eradicating spicy foods and avoiding smoking and alcohol.

If you can keep a positive outlook, then things will certainly start to improve and you can feel again a sense of wellness in your whole life but do be aware that Crohn's disease has a nasty habit of flaring up again. It can take weeks, months and sometimes even years, but most people do tend to have in- frequent bouts of pain and discomfort.

I wish you the best of luck.
Annette Young

Aloe Vera and Cranberry juice...
by: Peter Bray may have discovered the "worthlessness" of western medicines at "curing" Crohns disease---the cranberry may have balanced out the acidity/alkalinity of your gut while the aloe vera did some healing---Congrats to you!--others are not so lucky---join a support group and tell the world...they/we need the affirmation that something works!!

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