my crohns disease story

My name is Roi Nachmani, I am 28 years old and live in Israel. I lived with Crohn's disease for about 9 years. My story is very unique and I would like to start from the end, it has a happy end.
The goal of this letter is to help all people with Chron’s disease to find support; we want to find people that might help us to promote the treatment that I got and that more people could be released from the horrible disease.
I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of 19,5 and since then I got every kind of medical treatment including Humira (anti TNF), and I was mostly treated by steroids (Prednisone). When all medications failed, I tried a lot of kinds of alternative medicine that failed either. In December 2009 a twist in my story came - the twist that changed my life dramatically. It returned me my life back, as it was before the Crohn's disease.
A good friend of mine offered me to try one treatment by a doctor that related to his family. This woman is a certified doctor specializing in conventional as well as alternative medicine (herbal). I started her treatment that included combinations of herbs and SFZ. After 2-3 months I felt better: I didn’t have to go to the toilet 50 times a day any more, had no stomach pain and other symptoms of the disease. In a year the colonoscopy test showed that I had good results. In 18 months I finished with that treatment. I started to maintain the state by drinking herbal tea: I drink the tea several days per every few months. All my lab tests don’t show any signs of inflammation. I am feeling very well. I’ve got my life back!
Now my friend and I with the help of this doctor are trying to make this treatment accessible to all people that need it.we checked it with the doctor and the treatment has been proven successful in seven people diagnosed with Chron’s disease. We are looking for people who have knowledge, connections or could give us financial support to promote the treatment. We are open for new ideas how to make our plan come true.

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my crohns disease story NEW
by: Anonymous

I think that if you had really had Crohn's disease for 9 years, that you would be able to spell the disease's name correctly.

In addition, if you had a heart, you would tell your fellow patients which herbs helped you. Everyone knows that camomile, fennel, slippery elm, marshmallow root, ginger, liquorice, aniseed teas are soothing on the gut. However, half of those mentioned exacerbate diarrhoea, so are not good for those with moderate to severe Crohn's.

Personally, I don't like those that try to con or otherwise take advantage of sick people.

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