My boyfriend has chrons, does tht make him look differently at me or no

My boyfriend has chrons, does tht make him look differently at me or no?

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My boyfriend has crohn's disease NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your question. I am quite sure that your boyfriend having Crohn's will not in any way make him look differently at you. If he is in a lot of pain or generally feeling very uncomfortable and unsure of himself, due to Crohn's disease, it may be that he has doubts about whether you will stay with him.

Crohn's disease can be very aggressive and it can quite literally take over an individual's life, he may feel incredibly fatigued, may feel isolated, introverted and unable to cope. There may be a part of him, on a subconscious level that wants to push you away, but I'm sure in reality this is not the case.

Many people with Crohn's disease find it difficult to cope and they lose a lot of control over their day-to-day lifestyle. It may simply be that he is finding it difficult to plan and has no energy to show you that he cares. When someone is in a lot of pain, it's true to say that they are merely battling through to survive.

The good news is that although Crohn's disease is chronic and aggressive, it can often go into remissive period where little or no pain is experienced. Some people find that they go many years between bouts of pain, so there is light at the end of the tunnel him.

I would suggest that you give him the greatest gift and that is, of support and to be there for him when he needs you, listen to him and tell him that this disease is something that you will fight together. This will show him that he is not alone and may give him the extra strength he needs to combat the condition.

I hope this helps.


by: Anonymous

I seriously doubt it. I was diagnosed a good 6 years ago and the only reason I have ever viewed someone differently was because I was ashamed and embarrassed about my symptoms.

If anything he may view himself as not good enough for you, or putting you through something you shouldn't have to deal with.

Just support him and try not to react to significantly to the symptoms unless it's something that requires medical attention (i.e. if he having some less than pleasant and sounding bowel movements, act like its completely normal).

by: Anonymous

My wife has had Crohns for 25 years and we've experienced many different things. Her looking at me 'differently', I don't believe is one of them. There's probably alot going through his mind, like, "will she stay with me with this disease?" or "do I want to put her through this?". Maybe that kind of stuff, but depression is common with Crohns or any other life long illness and can mkae a person look at the world very differently. The best thing I can suggest is a support group or a chat room,for you or both of you, maybe meds for depression for him and counseling. My wife won't do the counseling and it would be so beneficial to her and me, but she's stubborn. Talking about it and learning as much as possible about it has helped me immensley.
Good luck to you and your boyfriend
God bless

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