Mother of a child with Crohns

by Donna
(new york)

My son was diagnosed November 2011.He has been hospitalized twice.He was put on the medicine 6mp which caused him to have pancreatitis.At only 17 years of age I am frightened for him.Is there any type of medication that is less harmful??I have heard of others taking shots for Crohns but it is fairly all new to us.Any advice would be helpful.

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Donna NEW
by: Adam

Hi Donna,

I was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 17. I am now 40. I have had 2 surgeries to remove approx. 3'of infected small intestine. What has caused your son to be admitted to the hospital? Internal bleeding w/ bloody stools? or Just becoming violently ill w/ bad cramping?
My hospitalizations have been for internal bleeding from the infected areas of my intestine.
Every time the doctors have put me on either Prednazone or Entocort (both are a steroids).
This is a short term fix. The last time I was admitted, Jan 2011, The doctor wanted to put me on Pentassa which was an immune system suppressant drug. I told him no, and have been taking a pro-biotic and omega 3 fish oil. The brand of pro-biotic I take is Florajen. There are many different manufacturers out there, but basically the pro-biotics contain the good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria in the intestine that is causing the inflammation. It basically balances out your digestive system.
The fish oil is also proven to help with Crohn's. Here is a link to an article I would like you to read. It explains in layman's terms what effect different types of foods have on your intestinal walls, and especially what to eat and not eat after you have a flareup. I feel for your son, and know exactly what he is going through. Hopefully you will be able to find something that will work without having to take some of the meds all of the doctors seem to be pushing. Please read the article all of the way through- it is called "The White Diet". I know it may be hard to adjust to some of the things you can't eat at first, but believe me, if his flareups are frequent, this will defintely help. Here is the link:

I hope this helps.

Take care,


MP 6 and more... NEW
by: Peter Bray

MP6 was worthless for my daughter, Cathy 44, so they ramped her up to the next man-made worthless drug, Remicade, and with its immune-supression she lost control of the sphincter muscles in her anus--GREAT work DOCS! And her colon ulcerations travelled from her transverse colon to her descending colon and to her rectum and anus...WHO was asleep at the wheel all those gastroenterology years?

I suggest you join us and try to find a real CURE for Crohn's and not just more useless, symptom-suppressing BIG PHARMA a websearch for Dr. Tom Borody in Australia, Dr. William Chamberlin in Texas, and Prof. John Hermon-Taylor in England and e-mail them for what they recommend...everyone else on the planet is out to lunch on Crohn's Disease and might as well be smoking dope when it comes to Crohn's...these three professionals hold most of the cards and have the brains. The rest are 1960's "auto-immune" hacks and pajamaheads which I would NOT allow to work on my pet dog if I had a pet dog.
Peter Bray, Benicia, CA

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