Medication for Crohns Disease

by Vanisha
(New Zealand)

Will there ever be a time when we never have to take any meds without resorting to surgery?

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Medication NEW
by: Annette

Thank you for your question.
I would love to say yes, there will be times when those who are suffering with Crohn's disease can come off of their medication safe in the comfort that they can be cured. But sadly as you probably know, there is no cure for Crohn's disease currently.

There are different medications out in the marketplace and not all meds work for every individual, so sometimes it is a case of trial and error. When you do find medications that work for you, it is best to stick to them and to not mess about with the dosage.. These will then help to control some or most of the symptoms that you get and to make life more bearable.

I do know many people who have found that they are on the right dosage and type of medication and have then been tempted to reduce it because they feel so much better. Some people have come off of their medication for a while and have then experienced some very aggressive flare-ups. I will advice that although it is tempting, after all, who wants to stay taking medication forever? But don't be tempted. The medication that you are on (if it is working successfully) is important that you continue.

But coping with Crohn's is not all about the pills you take, it's about a whole life approach. You may find that it's better to work on the areas which could aggravate the condition. Drinking alcohol can irritate the intestines, smoking is a definite no-no, be careful with dairy products or foods that are hard to digest. Eliminate stress or reduce it certainly and work with your body not against it.

At this moment in time no-one really knows why people get Crohn's disease although genetics and an immune system that turns in on itself certainly looks like possible causes, so we may be a long way from finding a cure or being able to go without medication.

The best thing is to go with the flow, when something starts to work don't fight it.
Good luck,

If anyone else has any thoughts on this topic, do let us know. What has worked for you? Have you been tempted to come off of your meds? What were the results?

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