MAP, Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis, cause of Crohn's Disease?

by Peter Bray
(Benicia, CA USA)

WAR on Crohn's Disease

WAR on Crohn's Disease

Is MAP from Johne's Disease-infected dairy the cause of Crohn's Disease? I think so. I've studied it for 24 years while my daughter Cathy had Crohn's. She passed away last February 24, 2012 and I summarized our research with live online links to several's all in a 2-page pdf, write me at PetrBray @ and I'll send it to you, no charge. I'm a Crohn's activist to rid this planet of Crohn's. They are arresting it in Australia, England, and the US with a 3-antibiotic regimen. To say there is no cure for Crohn's is a blatant lie by ignorant sources. Don't fall for the "auto-immune" disease baloney either and suppress your vital immune system with "immuno-suppressive" worthless drugs either...they only suppress your immne system to lessen the symptoms while the pathogens thrive---go figure!

Peter Bray, Benicia, CA
PetrBray @

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