MAP - Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis bacteria

by Lydia D.

This is in response to Peter Bray's post from 22nd March under the thread "Crohn's Disease - Under the knife"

Peter, I have done a fair amount of research in this area and it is clear that MAP infection is not found in the entire Crohn's population. There have been numerous clinical studies done on MAP and Crohn's, but the medical fraternity in general is not convinced that MAP has a key role.

One would expect the prevalence of Crohn's to be higher in the countryside, but it is not. MAP can survive for a relatively long time in animal slurry, the ground, run-off water, etc.
Crohn's disease is also not higher in countries that have a tradition of eating or drinking unpasteurised dairy products, such as France and Italy. It is, however, higher in Scandinavian countries and in certain other populations. For example, Ashkanazi Jews and smokers.

Passive smoking also significantly increases the risk for Crohn's. Alcohol and street drugs (as toxins) may also play a part in exacerbating Crohn's disease in certain patients.

There are, however, some who are convinced that MAP does have a main role in Crohn's patients with proven MAP infection. As you are aware, Prof. John Hermon-Taylor is a key UK opinion leader in this area.

However, it is clear that one size does not fit all and the triple antibiotic therapy does not work in all patients.

From my reading, genetic susceptibility, epigenetics and lifestyle would appear to be major factors in the triggering of Crohn's disease. You might like to watch the following videos on epigenetics:

I read about your sad loss. Unfortunately, your daughter had severe, refractory illness and was very sensitive to the medication. It is a very nasty illness in its severe form. I really admire the fact that you are continuing to help Crohn's patients and giving us the benefit of your year-long experience in this area as a care-giver and father of Cathy; a young Crohn's patient who, sadly, is not longer with us. It is really commendable and I, for one, thank you very much.

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MAP, etc... NEW
by: Peter Bray

Dear Lydia D.:

My daughter, Cathy,44 died from Crohn's on 2/24/12...we fought it for 24 years, long before there was an Internet for support groups...It could be colitis for some, it could be IBD...the debate about MAP can rage on until all the experts continue to disagree...I'm through arguing, my daughter will argue no more, for her it's over. These drugs were worthless for her:
sulphasalazine, ASACOL, MP6, Prednisone steroids with steroid psychosis and psych ward hospitalizations several times; Remicade by infusion for 5-7 years...she had a fistula at age 20 near her anus, how long was the pathogen in her system before the anus fistula arrived? The progression of drugs did little or nothing to alleviate the 2010, at age 42 she developed a recto-vaginal fistula which required a looped, temporary ileostomy, prior to surgery she dropped in weight from 150 to 96 pounds, she looked like the walking dead, the arthritis-like pains throughout her body were fierce, she could hardly get out of bed to get to the toilet---the surgery helped, the waste stream was deflected to the stoma and external bag, and she gained weight, the severe pain in her transverse colon abated, she continued on with probiotics, aloe vera,enzymes, and a host of good, natural foods and supplements...but her Crohn's pathogens continued their march in her blood stream, she lost her sphincter muscle control while on Remicade...her immune system so suppressed by worthless drugs, what could she do but die? Follow Prof. John Hermon-Taylor's work, do a Yahoo or Google websearch and read his "Doomsday Scenario" paper and ask the question: Who knows what about Crohn's and who is doing anything about it? How many in what countries are dying? What did Dr. Burrill Crohn himself think? I'm tired of a complacent medical profession, it is grossly insufficient to say there is NO cure for Crohn's...IO say WHY NOT? WHO is not yet working hard enough to provide a CURE? BIG Pharma? HAH! "Chronic illness is GOOD for business"-- – Drs. Tom Borody in Australia, William Chamberlin in Texas and Prof. John Hermon-Taylor in England are all arresting Crohn's with their anti-MAP regimen of antibiotics...My daughter Cathy has left the scene. She is no longer a Crohn's fighter, how many more will die while complacent researchers propose the number of Crohn's angels we can pile onto the head of a pin? Me? Mediocrity in Medicine stinks! I'm out to change it. Debate it as long as you choose. My daughter's life will not have been wasted and over at 44. That is pathetic!
Benicia, CA

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