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Hello to all,
I am a 31 year-old female and grew up in a household where my mom has crohn's disease. She was diagnosed IN 1979 after I was born. Experiencing this traumatic disease with my mom was very challenging for my family at times. After learning about this disease, it saddens me more and more to know what my mom has endured all of these years. All of the hospital stays while we were young and whats even sadder is how my dad abandoned and abused her because of her sickness. I'm writing because my mom has begun to experience flare-ups again. She is up and down with sadness and has longed for a companion for years but because of her ostomy she's embarrassed to open herself up to a relationship. If you know of anyone that is experiencing similar issues as my mom, please email me @ tesatinsley187@hotmail.com. There aren't any chat groups in our area (Alabama); although, I know that she won't join a face-to-face chat group but she'll be glad to talk via email. Thanks in advance and for all of you that are suffering with this disease, I'll continue to hold you up in prayer. My mom is a warrior, she had four kids and throughout her sickness she still mananged to be the best mom in the whole wide world. We never knew about her pain and for that I Love her to DEATH! Stay strong, remember, GOD chooses each one of our journey, so if this is yours, walk in it, do the work, and GOD will do the rest! be encouraged, Sincerely, Loving daughter who cares...

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by: Annette


I wanted to take time to respond to your post and to thank you for sharing your experiences and that of your mother's. It is wonderful to know that you have been such a support to her and how much you appreciate her. She must be an incredibly strong person if you were not aware of her pain as Crohn's can have such a disruptive power on health and life in general.

I grew up with a mother who also suffered from various health concerns - rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's. The diseases left her severely disabled, unable to walk and at times, the Crohn's kept her housebound with severe bouts of diarrhea that meant she didn't dare leave the house. My father also left my mother whilst she was in a very bad place with her health so I can sympathize there.

I know a great many people who have Crohn's and there always seems to be a level of embarrassment with it, it's that kind of disease. I hope your mother finds someone who simply enjoys her company and appreciates her for who she is.

I also hope that she is able to manage her flare-ups. There can be many reasons why Crohn's can become more aggressive. Has she changed her diet? Started smoking? Had more stress of late? If it is just flaring up again, keeping a diary of any changes and diet can be highly useful.

I hope the Crohn's flare-up is not too bad for her and that she is able to communicate to others which will help her to feel less isolated. There are a lot of people out there who feel trapped within their bodies so it would be good for her to share her story and possibly to help others too.

Good luck.

If this post strikes a chord, then do feel free to share your experiences on here. It's good to communicate and this forum is all about providing advice, feedback and eradicating isolation.

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