Light at the end of the tunnel ???

by James b Smith
(Brisbane qld aust)

Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin'

Hi!! my name is Jim and for the last 15 years I have been struggling with Cardiomyopothy ( disease of the heart) which will eventually be terminal. I take over 40 pills a day and have slowly developed a stomach problem which doesn't like me to lay down at night and causes me to have pain and burping copiously for hours at a time, it is relieved if i sit up and is not such a problem during the day when I am upright. I have looked for a cause and find that it resembles the symptoms of crohns disease. I have a pacemaker / defibrillator implanted in my left breast and quite often I pass out because my heart goes into atrial fibrillation, then my defibrillator gives me a massive shock in the heart and I regain consciousness, each time so far, 41 in all over 6 years, but I woke up again this morning and get to fight another day

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