kitkat's Crohn's- being Positive :)

by kitkat
(north yorshire)

modulen. that's what a lot of people say on a weekend.
"want a modulen top up?"
"Finished it yet?"
"What's that?"
"hows the modulen going?"
all these I don't want to answer. you probably wont either.
but staying positive helps. A LOT!!! it was my mothers idea. I had been very she said just be positive and to this day I am even rubbing it all of on my mates! :)
on my second course of modulen and 1 week in, if you would like any advice in taking the stuff. (if it has submitted properly) see my advice for taking modulen, or it could be something similar to that am taking my 2litres of modulen a day but still crave my favourite foods.
chicken nuggets
Ravioli on toast and rice crispies!!!!! :(
it is sooo getting me down. it was a lot harder than I thought, but I shall be POSITIVE!!!!

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