Is it coming back?

by Liz

I was diagnosed with Crohns about 12 years ago. In the first 6 months I had two severe flare ups, which resulted being in hospital for over a week each time. I have since been ok with only really mild flare ups. However for the past week or so I keep getting mild contraction type cramps and needing the loo imediately after. I am only 8 stone as it is (5ft 6inc) and am now down to 7st 10lbs. Does anyone think this could be the sign of a replapse?

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Is it coming back? NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for writing in with your question. Sadly, Crohn's disease can certainly come back with a bang and it can become uncharacteristically aggressive if your initial symptoms were not too bad. You, like many people entered a remission period which can last for some months and even years but Crohn's disease is incurable, and it is easy to forget about it during the remission period, so when it comes back, it's a shock to the system.

It certainly could be Crohn's disease but there could be a number of things that is occurring so I would strongly suggest that you go and seek medical advice. I know it may take a while for you to see your doctor so in the meanwhile I would suggest that you consider the foods that you have been eating just in case any of them have acted as a trigger.

While you are in pain I would suggest that you eat very lightly but remember to keep yourself hydrated. It’s important to drink plenty of water and try to eliminate as much stress is possible, probably not easy if you are experiencing a lot of pain. Stress has been proven to aggravate Crohn's disease however so if you are experiencing stress and anxieties in your life, do what you can to improve this.

I have provided some links that may be of use to you but wish you the best of luck. I hope your situation improves.


by: Brenda

That sounds exactly like me. I was diagnosed 15 years ago and then pretty much had no major problems since then. Minor flare ups and would just stop eating until they pass. Then in September I would get those contractions higher up and vomiting. It would last about 24 hours so I thought it was the flu. I should have know after the sixth time it happened. Finally last month I ended up in the ER and it was a bowel obstruction. You're the first person that described those pains as contractions. Thats how I would speak of it and the docs looked at me like I was nuts. Feel free to email me...

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