Is crohn's disease a disability?

by dee

Is crohn's disease seen as a disability?

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by: Cindy

I applied for dissability and was granted it without a lawyer or any problems. I think the key is to talk with your doctor about it because social security is going to contact your Dr about your condition.

disability or not
by: curious

i would be interested to see if anyone has tips on this, In Australia it is not recognised as a disability, it is a new disease according to government officials and they dont pay people disability for this condition alone. I am keen to fight this.

Is Crohn's a Disability
by: JoAnne

I see three doctor's for my Crohn's and they have all given my advice to get my disability. So to answer your question yes it is a disability. Most SSI departments will turn you down the first time, unless you hit them with all your doctor's records the first time filing. But, if you file and they denied you, get you an attorney and go back. I was told that if they don't make a hearing date within 24 months you get it without a hearing and then you don't have to pay an attorney. My is 2 months away and I haven't got a hearing date. I hope this helped.

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