irritability and crohns

by jennie

My partner has suffered from this disease for many years and has a resection. He had a recent colonoscopy and seems ok in that department. He does suffer bloating after meals has gas, and sometimes painful constipation.

My question is does it affect you as a person because recently he has become extremely tetchy, irritable and has a tendency to look on the gloomy side of things which seems to be a newish event. In fact, i am seriously considering falling out with him because he keeps saying his head feels 'empty' - no idea what that means and falls asleep all the time - anyone?

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by: Anonymous

Just to be aware I was like this around 5 years ago more irritable and out of sorts than normal. Then I had bowel narrowing and had surgery. I'm not saying I don't get this at other times but see gp if contours good luck

Irritability and crohns NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi Jennie,

I'm glad you wrote in and just wanted to take a minute to say yes, Crohn's disease can make someone really irritable and hard to live with.

Crohn's is a nasty disease and affects people on an individual level, although the physical effects can be all-consuming, it's true to say that it can make the sufferer feel terribly down and it's only a slippery slope towards depression. It sounds to me like your partner is suffering with depression of sorts. It sounds like he has been through a lot.

You may feel very frustrated by his attitude but I can say that living with pain and the fear of flare-ups, can make any individual feel depressed. This disease strips away the feelings of control and so irritability surges up. Of course it's always those who are close to the individual who suffer the brunt of those irritable bouts and you probably feel at your wits end, but I am quite sure that your support will mean everything to him.

I found this blog post which may give you an insight.

Hope it helps. Wishing you all the best.


I know how you feel.
by: Anonymous

My Husband also has Crohns but the diagnosis has only been for a year. He is also very touchy and snaps and the strangest things. I read online it could be from a vitamin B12 deficiency. He is also not at all interested in sexual activity which is hard for me since we just go married 6 months ago. What seems to be working lately for us in having him drink a energy drink called "boost" it’s filled with the vitamins someone with Crohns needs and it’s in a liquid form that helps him absorb it easier. This can help him get out of the depressed state. I really hope this is helpful to you and your marriage.

low electrolytes, stress may affect your thinking
by: charlie

Hi Jennie,
I've been suffering mild effects of crohns for 15 years. The past year I noticed my head was kind of blank, finally this past month I had real problems with short term memory. Even though I was taking my vitamins, they weren't getting absorbed. Also stress intensified these symptoms. I got IV infusions of potassium and iron and I feel much better. Irritability may be helped by meeting fellow crohnies.

hope this helps,

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