Infliximab...has anyone had this drug

by Deborah

My son was diagnosed with Crohns in 2002 at 14years, he is now 23. At that time he was admitted very poorly and tested with the conclusion of Crohns. He was on a course of Prednisolone then weaned off to be given Pentasa. This worked very well until 2004 when he had a flare. After another course of Prednisolone he was introduced to Azathioprine alongside Pentasa.
In 2007 he was taken off Pentasa and stayed with just Azathioprine. Which worked well until he had an endoscopy and colonoscopy to reassess his Crohns activity in May 2010. This showed Crohns activity. So his Azathioprine was reduced and he was given Allopurinol alongside.
After 3 months he started getting flare up symptoms and took a short course of Prednisolone.
Once off the steriods he had a major flare up and eventually had to go into hospital. He is now on another course of Prednisolone and waiting for an infusion drug called Infliximab.

Has anyone had this drug and if so has it worked for you?
How has it affected you and your Crohns?

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