by Shell

Is there any one in Australia who has had this treatment, I have had crohns for ten years diagnosed anyway! I had surgery in 2006 and have a long history of medication and complications. I now have peripheral disease also which is at present affecting my every day life. My specialist is about to put me on infliximab as I now qualify he says! I am seriously thinking about ceasing other medications due to the peripheral symptoms. I would like to hear from any one with advise.

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how much is an infliximab infusion in oz
by: amie

hi, im an irish woman who has chrons disease for the past 10 years. i have been recieving infliximab infusions for the past 3 years. it is the only thing that has kept the illness at bay, my question is this, i wish to travel to australia with a working visa and am wondering if anyone knows if i am eligable to recieve my infusions as a day patient over there and what is the cost. i recieve my infusions every 8 weeks... if anyone can give me any information it would be much appreciated. thank you.

re Infliximab
by: Sam

Hi Shell,

My name is Sam and I've been on Infliximab for the past year and a half. I love it! I'm off all other meds and simply have my infusion every 8 weeks. (you have them more often to start with). I have suffered from Chrohns/Perianal disease since I was 16 (now 35) I've been given everything from Imuran/Sulphar drugs to Methotrexate, Remicade and now Imflimab (as I was trying to fall pregnant, now due 6th Feb!) Give it a go, what do you have to lose! I've never felt better.
Good Luck.

by: bec32

I have been a sufferer of Crohns disease now for the past 3 years, in that time i have had about 7 infliximab infusions, one of which was a double dose to really kick things started, i swear by it... I notice a difference within as little as 24 hours depending how bad i am when i have it. I haven't needed infliximab now for the last 6 months as my other meds seem to be doing the job, i still get minor flair up's, but overall it seems to be stable... FOR NOW :)

by: Amy

hey, im Amy. im 21 and was diagnosed woth crohns only about two weeks ago. i had my first infususion of infleximab last friday the 28th of nov while i was still in hospital. they said it will probably take a week to start working. so they kept me in over the weekend to monitor me for side efects. i had a bit of a temp and god a bit of a rash, but aside from that nothing much.. oh i stil had pain of cause! i got to go home on the moday afternoon. and of cause i started feeling better just for being at home and not in the depressing hospital. i still had stomach pains and have lost more weight, but as the days have gone on i seem to be getting better, i dont get much pain anymore, maybe a few times a day and my diarreha isnt as bad.. i seem to be able to eat a wide variety of food, vegies - well cooked, bananas r really good, sandwhiches, soft drink, cheese, tomato sauces, red meats, chocolate, i drink a lot of ensure, not that its helping me gain much weight but its good!
so yeah im due for my next 2hr infusion and check up this friday coming so figers crossed i keep getting better from here!
good luck with ur treatment and let me no how it goes..
oh i am also on prednisolone

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