In need of help....

by Steve Monti
(Mesa, Az)

Hello I am 30 and I have been having pain since I was 13. But within the past 3 years it has gotten to be unbearable. I am on my second doctor and they only want to perscribe Anti-depresent medication?? Th epain I get is around the upper stomach, that is a constant pain pretty much all day everyday. And also pain in the lower abdoman area.
I do have sometimes sharp pains and black colored stool for days. 3 it has gotten to the point where I am rushed to the hospital. I have had 2 different ER doctors tell me there is a substantial amount of scarring in my intestens. But my current doctor has said nothing everytime I ask him. I have had both an upper and a lower GI done. The upper GI can back as abnormal?? The lower came back as "poor prep" but I've seen the pictures and the looked clean to me.
I am getting tired of all the pain I have to look forward to everyday. And getting tired of getting new doctors because they tell me there is nothing they can do for me. I have changed my diet many different times in the past years to try IBS and stiil the same result. If there is anybody that can offer some advice or some dirrection on what I can do or ask my doctor to do please let me know.

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Crohn's pain. NEW
by: Sheila


I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering
pain due to Crohn's inflamed bowels.

Please write to me at:
and I will send you a free copy of my book
that is published in

I have Crohn's but in remission and presently
require no medication. I take many different
natural things including vitamin D3 10,000 I.U.
per day. This vitamin without a doubt, has helped and still helping control my Crohn's. I felt it immediately following intake.

Good luck,

Sheila Ber

In need of help NEW
by: Annette Young


I am sorry to hear of the problems you have been experiencing. I think many people will empathize with your situation as it can seem to take a long time to get a diagnosis if it is Crohn's disease unfortunately.

Many doctors do not seem to understand the condition but getting a referral is vital. Often, test results come back as inconclusive. Yet further tests reveal that there is something going on internally.

I have heard of doctors prescribing anti-depressants previously and this condition is enough to make anyone feel down. They are not necessarily the answer however, because if you can improve the pain, you will feel less depressed. Anti-depressants can be habit forming so be careful if you are taking them.

It does seem odd that the ER doctors are telling you about the scarring but that your own doctor is not concerned about it. If I were in your situation, I would be seeking the services of another doctor.

Until you get an accurate diagnosis, you cannot take any medication obviously -however, you can change your diet (if you have not already). Avoid spicy foods, dairy products and any foods that are really hard to digest. Eat smaller amounts, little and often so it takes the pressure off trying to digest large meals. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

If you have sore areas in the intestines, then as you can imagine, when you eat you can aggravate those sore areas. Of course, you have to have your nutrients so maybe it is best to eat food that will have less of an impact such as soup or stews.

If you can keep a food diary, you may well find that you can start to track dietary patterns of reaction and pain. You can then have additional evidence to support your need for further tests.

Stress management techniques can be useful to help combat any reaction to stress, try aloe vera juice too - just a little as some people get diarrhea from this, while others swear by its properties and you can also check that you have sufficient levels of Vitamin D as there is certainly a connection between Crohn's and Vitamin D.

I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck.


Help for Crohn's
by: Anonymous

Vitamin D3 deficiency is a major factor for Crohn's.
Try like myself taking the above dosage, but always
with a spoon of Flax or Fish oil, to optimize absorption. Vitamin D will give you energy. Eliminate sugars and replace with Honey
in everything! Honey is a mono-saccharides, and easily
digested by Crohn's afflicted bowels, therefore less
bacterial growth that causes inflammation.
Try also take 1/2 tspn of Manuka Honey, on empty stomach 1 hour before a meal. It heals any wound inside and outside the body!!! I tried it when I had
pain from Crohn's attack, and the pain was gone.($12 a small jar) but lasts for a long time.
Try to avoid smoking, and coffee only once a day or every other day!
Instead of coffee, to be alert and awake, put a dash or two of CAYENNE PEPPER
into 1/2 cup of warm water, or into salads, soups, any dishes. It does
wonders! It also takes pain away!!!

You will not regret implementing the above suggestions, as you are getting
them from a Crohn's sufferer like yourself, who is mature in years, and with
experience, and who has tried everything.
I have many more helpful suggestions for emergency situations.
If you'd like to get the information, you can e-mail me:

If you don't try, you'll never know...

Check with your G.P. your thyroid level,
and hemoglobin level as well.
You might need Iron pill (better from vegetable
source), sells them cheaply - Item #CTL4026594. Take 3 a day with vitamin C - 500-1000 mg, for 3 months.

by: nancy

steve you need to find a specailist that deals with crohns disease. the regular doctors can't handle this. I go to a gastoenterolongist and he knows his stuff.

by: Tod

go to a Gastroenerologist. Your GP should be shot

by: Anonymous

I am a chron's sufferer and I really feel for you.My gp is not experienced enough in this field so I always have to go to the specialist team at the hospitol. When I first started getting symptoms I must of gone to my doctor 15 -20 times in 6 months and they were still fobbing me off. They think I wasn't telling the truth. In the end after a year and a half I had to get forceful with them and I asked for a referral myself. They asked why and I said because I know there is something seriously wrong with me. I would be in excruciating pain in bed for 3 to 4 days being sick and feeling like my belly is on fire. I hope that you get somewhere in the future. Apparently different areas in the world deal differently with IBD sufferers.

in need of help
by: Anonymous

hi i know how you feel about doctors , my wife had same problem they made her admit that she was anorexic because she lost so much weight ,it was a
year after they found she had crohns disease. she only found out by having a cat scan it showed she had the disease and had to loose her large bowel and had to wear a colostomy bag .the way to tell is if you have constant diorea and loose weight they are the first tell tale signs. they never gave her medication for crohns because they said it had gone ,it came back with a vengense now she has only 18 centimetres of small bowel left and she lost a kidney too .if i were you i would insist on a cat scan to give you peace of mind . good luck hope its not crohns .

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