by Christine
(Burlington, Ontario)

I am 22 and just diagnosed with Crohn's in April (although I had symptoms for about 5 years that were not diagnosed). I tried Pentasa and that didn't work. Then I went on Entocort, which seemed to work at first, but now all of my symptoms of Crohn's have come back and worsened. A month ago I started on Imuran, but I was told by someone that this drug should only be started when you are feeling better (ie when you have no/less symptoms) and that it can take 5-6 months to start taking effect. I am wondering if these things are true? and what people think of this drug and if anyone has had success with it? Thanks.

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Aza has worked
by: Clark

I have been taking Aza along with Pentase for 3 years after my resection. I have been symptom free all along. Until I went off of it to try to start a family. Now I am on the Aza again along with Entocort. Woops! So, in my experience Aza works...

by: Chris

Hi I was put on Azathioprine for a short time it made me really ill and I couldn't get out of bed it made me weak. But I have heard of people taking this without any side effects and it works very well. The Emergency Doctor I called out when I couldn't get out of bed told me he was on Azathioprine and he'd been on it for 5years and he said he felt good. So some it works for and some it won't. Hope this as been of help.

Also interested in Imuran/Azathioprine Perspectives
by: Cassandra

Hi I'm 27 and was just prescribed Azathioprine/Imuran. I've been on prednisone or colazide (diagnosed 2 years ago). I also heard that it can take a while to kick in. I am actually holding back on starting it. I just want to learn more about how it works, and explore all the alternative options. I would also be really interested to hear from people on Imuran in terms of it's side affects. Also in terms of what the game plan is. Do people remain on it for a long time? Taper off after a while? Pretty much same questions as Christine above.

Regards to all!

by: Anonymous

I suffered from Crohn's for over a year before the doctors finally figured out what was wrong with me. I was put on Remicade and
felt much better within a week. After two sessions of Remicade, I stopped, thinking my body was healed. After a couple of months, I was put back on Remicade because of a flare up, but it didn't help the second time. My doctor put me on Prednisone and Azathioprine at the same time. I was slowly weaned off the Prednisone while increasing my intake of Azathioprine. I was told the Prednisone will help my body immediately while waiting for the Azathioprine to kick in (it a couple of months). Currently, I'm only taking Azathioprine to remain in remission. Good luck to you.

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