by Cindy

I've been getting a lot of emails of late on Crohns. In order to answer all of the questions in a timely manner , it would be impossible . So I've decided to blog the questions asked most . In every email I've been asked is Immunocal really an all natural and FDA approved product . The answer is Yes it is. For those that are lactose intolerant , Immunocal is an isolated protein out of whey that has very little lactose in it. The protein it is formed from is gentle on the stomach . However I always recommend you speak with your physician . Immunocal helps your body create glutothione which we cannot just take . The body creates glutothione . Glutothione is in every cell in our body . It is needed in every cell of the body to keep our immune system & body running properly ( healthy) . If you are interested in learning about Immunocal please email me . I would be more than happy to send you information on the scientific research . I will continue to blog on this site to help you with your questions.
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