I'm running out of options!!can anyone help me??

by Laurie

Heeyy everybody!!
I am 23years old, living in Belgium and i have crohn already 8years. I've been through all the regular medication and pills, and am now taking Cimzia (certolizumab pegol). Since a bit more then a year, i take imuran (azathioprine), but i never got any side effects from it. In the beginning of the summer (July) i got my basic treatment of Cimzia, but then i left abroad, and i couldn't keep on getting it. After 3weeks though, i started getting angina's, but after 6weeks, it stopped. The end of november i needed to come back to Belgium, to get my treatment again, as Cimzia is the only meds at the moment that keeps my Crohn under controle. Sow, the 20th of november, i stopped the imuran, as accordng to the doctor i might get the throatproblems from the imuran in combination with Cimzia, and i immediately got my 2shots of cimzia. Last week though, i got a bronchit, just on time for not a pneumonia.
According to my doctor, i might have got it, because the imuran is still not totally out of my body, and he wants to give me another 2shots of cimzia, but only when i'm fully recovered from my bronchit.
I wanted to ask if someone else takes cimzia, and if he also has problems with his airways?
Or if someone has any suggestions for me? If i can't keep on getting the Cimzia, i need to get a colostomy, and according to my doctor 80% of Crohn's patients, it stay permanently.....
Is there anyone who can help me? or has any suggestions? Or has been through the same??

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by: Anonymous

Immune26 has worked very well for me. I've been in 'remission' several years now since starting on it. Its a supplement, not a drug. But don't know if its available in Belgium. You might have to purchase it from another country and have it shipped to you.

by: Ahmed - Egypt

Ask your doctor about Modulen. It is a special formula that you take replacing all your food. Many people indicated they feel much better with it. My sn is 12 and he will start the Modulen this week.

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