I'm a slave to my Crohn's

by Susan

I'm in my late 50's and found that taking
mega dose of vit. D3 (10,000 I.U.) made me feel
better, without having to take my medications.
However, when I eat at any restaurant's Buffet,
I end up with an acute attack that lasts for 3
days, and leaves me extremely weak for about a week,
unable to walk with enough strength.
I get so frustrated when I'm weak due to this
disease, that I become a complainer at times, bitter,

I'd like to travel, but afraid of not getting
an immediate medical help, so I feel that I don't
have much to look forward to.

At times I'm too weak to cook my own meals, but
I force myself, as my meals are somehow safer
that eating out.

Considering food is my first, and only pleasure
in life, I find it very very hard to live this way.

Is there any new development, or cure on the Crohn's

Please advise.

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I'm a slave to my Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young


Thank you for writing in. I know how frustrating this disease is and how it can completely take over your life. There are many people that feel just like you, and find themselves feeling very weak and often down during a bad attack. It's not surprising that you feel depressed.

Crohn's is difficult to manage because as you know, you can experience aggressive attacks sometimes when you least expect them but it may be that stress and anxiety is a cause of some of these attacks. Stress was once considered to be the main cause of Crohn's disease and although that has been dis-proven, it is definitely a powerful trigger.

The secret to living with Crohn's disease is 1. to accept it and 2. To understand and to avoid the triggers that affects you personally. This might not be easy but it is worth exploring as can help you to start to control it.

I am sure that you are aware of all of the triggers I.E.spicy foods smoking, alcohol, hard to digests foods...... but it is important to determine which triggers affects you. Once you establish this, you can look to avoid them in the future. Do consider your stress levels too because if you can eliminate certain stressors, you may find that the Crohn's disease attacks are less frequent. Once you can get the disease under control (do take your medication) you may feel more able to travel as well.

Travelling successfully with Crohn's disease means that you have to be far more organised than usual. Plan ahead, check out restaurants, cooking and amenities, supermarkets so that you can be fairly self-sufficient and will avoid eating things that could cause a problem. If you can take the stress/fear out of the equation, you may be able to enjoy your trips away. this

There are new medications under trial including: Vedolizumab, an intravenous antibody medication, research indicates that it has helped many people during the trial stage but has not been released yet. But watch this space.

Sadly there is no known cure for Crohn's disease - currently anyway, but research is ongoing and we all cross our fingers and hope.

I hope this helps?
Best wishes,

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