I'd like to offer a possible alternative to suffering with Crohn's disease :)

by Kit Campbell

It is with much sadness that I see any sufferer of the gastrointestinal tract write about their experiences.
Through this site, I have 'shared' with quite a few individuals now and the positive results just keep me going on.
Please note that I am not a doctor, nor a medical specialist, but I am a PREVIOUS sufferer of 40 years of Crohn's disease, from 3 months old, and am now free from it at 55 :)
I would like to pose a suggestion.
There are 22 messages here on this site about health insurance.
Whatever you feel is necessary to do right, do it. Whether it is health insurance, medicine or surgery.
What I would like to offer is to coach one of you and share this with others anonymously.
Should we have the success of clearing you from Crohn's (obviously there are never any guarantees - but what do you have to lose?), then you would have the opportunity to help others, just like you might have helped yourself.
There is an important factor that needs to be in place for me to work with you.
You need to be open with your thinking, be open to change the way that you think and above all, be honest.
Please email me your interest and I will send you a list of questions, in order to determine who I may be able to work with best. (info(at)kitcampbell(dot)com)
Please understand, this is just someone who suffered and who would like to help others help themselves to stop suffering too.
I wish to share with the medical profession, that cells in the body respond and change to their environment. It's very obvious now.
I have just last week given a lecture at the University of Tasmania to an audience of scientists and doctors and as a result, the IBD specialist who invited me, wants to do a medical paper with me to present to the medical board and hopefully change the way medical students are taught. I am also going to be speaking to the students there in further talks.
The 'sharings' that I have can be adapted to anyone who reads them, so hopefully this will help others along the way. There's no big secret, no book you have read, no price you have to pay.
Let me know if you are interested. There is no harm in trying :)
Please go to my website (kitcampbell(dot)com) and tell me a little bit about yourself and what you feel you 'know' about Crohns. I will then send you
some questions and after the responses I get, work out who I can coach through this.
This is not a competition or you really wanting to be free from Crohn's, that is a no-brainer. This is about finding out if your mind is stuck where you are, or is open to more forward from where you are :)
I so look forward to hearing from you :)

Comments for I'd like to offer a possible alternative to suffering with Crohn's disease :)

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Just what we need another person selling something
by: Tony

...and someone who never had crohn's.

by: Anonymous

No one can be "coached" through Crohn's!! What a bunch of BS.

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