I was just diagnosed with IBD and Chrons Disease

by Cynthia
(Sissonville, WV)

I was wondering if anyone felt tired all the time no matter how much sleep you get?

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Fatigue NEW
by: Annette


When you are first diagnosed with IBD/Crohn's disease, it can be quite an overwhelming time. There is a lot of information about but only some of which may affect you.

Firstly, the symptoms that you can experience will depend on the area of the intestine which has become inflamed. The good news is that you may go some time experiencing little or no symptoms and then, experience periods of time where the condition seems more aggressive.

One very common symptom of Crohn's is indeed intense fatigue, so your own symptoms may well be related directly to the disease. Other common symptoms include:

Abdominal pain and cramps
Weight loss

But of course there are other symptoms too and you may experience some or all of them on an individual level. It's important to look after yourself, keep your immune system as healthy as it can be, sleep when possible, resting when required. Avoid smoking and even keep a journal to see if there are any particular triggers.

When you experience intense fatigue, you can feel very depressed and isolated because you may find that it impacts your day to day life quite substantiallys. If you find you are really struggling, always seek medical advice and support and this will help you to be able to adapt and at least to understand how the disease impacts you individually.
I hope this helps.

tiredness NEW
by: Anonymous

this is perfectly normal, if your doctor hasnt already checked, get them to check your iron levels. this can sometimes be the cause. hope this was helpful

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