hi i hope someone can help me , My wife has all her large bowell removed ten years ago .Two years ago she had an operation and had part of her small bowell removed and had an ieliostemy bag fitted , last february she underwent another operation and had some more small bowell removed as the crohns came back , they did not give her medication as they said the crohns had all gone , then five months later it came back with a vengence they removed some absess and some more small bowell and also a kidney as the crohn had a go at that too . on boxing day this year while in sou she had a fall out of bed and suffered two siesures and a stroke paralized down the right hand side and complete loss of memory , She has gone from ten stone down to six and keeps dehidrating and i have to rush her into hospital i am feeding her on a drip overnight through a tube down her nose into her stomach but it doesnt seem to work they are giving her all kinds of medicine but to no avail can anyone help me to try and build her up she is now giving up and i dont want that thank you all .

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crohn's clinic at mass general hospital boston
by: Anonymous

Mass General hospital in boston Mass. Has a crohn's clinic run by Dr. Sands. In order the get a consult you must be refereed by a GI doctor. There's also the drug called cimizia which i'm presently on it's two injections given once a month. This drug has only been approved by the fda in the last two years so it's still fairly new. I've been on remicade and other medications and none of them have helped. I have severe crohn's. I'm 31 I've spent the last 11 years in and out of hospitals. I've had abscess and two colon resections among other complex complications. Cimizia as slowed the progression of my crohn's. This medication is very expensive. Medicare part D does cover it.
Good luck hope this helps!!!

by: Anonymous

Find her new doctors ASAP! (if you haven't already)

by: nancy

It sounds like your wife has the wrong doctors. I am take 2 very aggressive immunosuppressants that is keeping the crohns in remission. I have not had a surgery yet. also I watch what i eat and i have a very good cocktail of over the counter meds that seems to help to.

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