i have crohn disease

i have crohn disease im on medication. i want to get pregnant would this efect my illniss when im pregnant.

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I have crohn's disease NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your question.
The most important thing that you can do if you're trying to conceive is to ensure that you are as healthy as you possibly can be prior to conception. Discuss your plans to have a baby with your doctor and you will receive lots of information which will form a good starting point for you.

Unfortunately you do run the risk of your baby developing Crohn's disease as there is a heightened risk, and if both you and your partner have the disease, then the risk increases. Just be aware of this.

Other problems can be that the Fallopian tubes may also become inflamed and this can restrict your chances of becoming pregnant. But even if your disease is quite severe, there is still a very good chance of getting pregnant. it's important to ensure that any medications you are on are safe should you become pregnant, and there are some that you should avoid. The doctor will guide you on this.

It's important that you eat healthily and keep your fluid level up by drinking plenty of water. Avoid dairy products and eat easy to digestsfoods which can reduce any flare-ups. If you smoke, it is vital that you stop straight away because this can cause - not just problems for the pregnancy but can make the Crohn's disease so much worse as well. You should avoid alcohol too.

I Have attached a link to a website and you might find this of use:


Best of luck, do let us know how you get on.


Getting pregnant with Crohns
by: Kim

I have Crohns disease and was pregnant. The Crohns actually went into remission. However, I suffered a miscarriage, but not due to the Crohns. Whether your medications will be safe, depends on what you are on. Pentasa and Lialda are okay. And surprisingly so is Humira and Imitrex(?). But steroids are not so good to be on when you are pregnant. I am trying to conceive again too, so if you want to ask me anything email me at shanawitt1204@msn.com.

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