i have chrons can my 9 yaer old daughter get it from me

by regina latham
(oelwein iowa 50662)

my 9 year old daughter has been sick for weeks an is shown sides like i was at 19 when i found out i had it im 34 now ive had some of my small instine removed an ileum . my daughters stomach pain is like mine im startin to worry the doctor has but her on medicine but think she needs to see gasterloist an i would like to know if she can get the gene from me my aunt hadf it she passed away at 34 there are talkin on doin another surgery on me but more worried bout my little girl i already have cervical cancer an they watch for blood cancer for the meds im on isnt she to young to get what i have i ahve diaherra all the time an her intestine swelled the predsone helped open it back up but she is constipated . shes startin to throw up an her stomach pain is gettin worse the doctor wont recomend her to a gasterlogist can i go over the doctors an take her to one any ways i have osterprosis now to what should i do next

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