I dont know what I have

by Teetles97
(Aliquippa, Pennsylvania)

I need some help here....I dont know what I have going on here. But it seems like everytime you turn around I am sick to my stomach with strong pains and always needing to run to the restroom and I am ALWAYS tired, I have no energy to do anything and I jsut want to sleep all of the time.....It is so embarassing that this has all the time. I cant live like this anymore. I had gotten tested for so many different things and they are all coming up negative. I have a docs appt on monday to get further testing done. can someone please give me some advise on what they might think this can be.....thank you

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I don't know what I have... NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

I am sorry to read that you are having such a horrible time. I hope that by the time you read this, you will have had your symptoms assessed and will have received a correct diagnosis which puts you back on track.

There are many things that you could be experiencing but I am assuming as you have posted here that you suspect Crohn's is a possibility? Certainly Crohn's is an aggressive disease and its effects are far-reaching.

Symptoms can include:

Extreme fatigue
Abdominal Cramps
Joint pains

One thing that I have discovered is that Crohn's affects people very differently. Some only experience minor discomfort while others are in extreme pain. Of course, it depends on important lifestyle choices too. There are known triggers such as:

Drinking alcohol

But other triggers include stress, so managing the daily stressors can make a big difference. Learning how to relax and to let go of stress can really help and you might want to think about taking up meditation and learning basic relaxation techniques.

If you do have crohn's disease it's important to realise that there is no quick cure, in fact, Crohn's disease remains incurable so the best way of approaching it, is to learn to live with it by finding out how the disease affects you on a personal level.

I attach a link which you may find useful.


I hope this helps but please do let us know the outcome.


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