I don't have crohns but

by mychaelholford@yahoo.com
(Rota, Spain. :/)

I don't have Crohns but my fiance does and I've know about this for the whole time we've been together but since then it has gotten worse but I've had to move away for 8months and I don't know how to help him. Even though he says he's not stressing about me being away I know he is and he's working so much to get money to come visit me.. it's not a cheap trip. Anyway, I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on how to help the situation even though I'm not there physically to help.. Also, how to cope with it because knowing I could lose him anyday from this is stuck in my mind.. I mean I know you can lose anyone from anything anyday but it seems like there is more of a chance I'd lose him because he has it. And, we're thinking about starting a family when I get back home but we don't know if he's able to have kids.. Is it a bad idea to try and start a family? Knowing there's a high possibility that the children can get the disease also knowing that he could at anytime get hospitalized and put stress on the family? I love him so much and no matter how bad or how hard it gets I'm never gonna let him go. I just need some help on how to cope? It's hard for me but I know it's harder on him.

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